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Architect Vance Nolan has crafted a marvel—shining apartments floating in the peaceful cove of a winding river. When the project is partially occupied and about to make investors rich, a sinkhole gives way.

Then torrential rains quickly flood the cove, leaving a handful of builders, investors, and residents cut off from the rest of the world.

The motley group is bitterly divided over how to survive.

Vance insists they wait for rescue. Developer Tony Dean wants to strike out into the darkness. And single-mom Danielle Clement, obligated to each man and desperate to protect her young son, Simeon, isn’t sure which one is wiser.

Power failure, an unnatural daytime darkness, explosions, and then a murder slowly expose hidden intentions and dark histories. But Simeon has spotted something bright underwater—beautiful, shifting lights in the dark depths.

In this watery world, everyone’s secrets will eventually come to light. And deliverance may mean more than just getting out alive.

My Review:

Complex characters thrown into an equally complex plot creates an engrossing read that was hard to put down. Healy creates a desperate imagery with her words that brought a spine-tingling mood to my read. The supernatural element brings a subtle depth to this disaster story. Afloat is definitely a page-turner with all its twists and turns and also packs a few gasp-out-loud surprises that I did not see coming. A spellbinding tale you do not want to miss.

Giveaway Opportunity:

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  3. Intense read is an apt description, Freda. Good luck! You too, Cheryl!

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  11. With all the sinkhole activity going on lately this sounds seriously cool. Please include me in the giveaway. Thanks for the heads up too. I have added this to my wish list on Goodreads. :)