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Lizzie Engel is used to running away. At eighteen, she left her Mennonite hometown, Kingdom, Kansas, with plans never to return.

But five years later, the new life she built is falling apart. Lizzie knows she's being followed, and she's certain the same mysterious stranger is behind the threatening letters she's received. Realizing she'll have to run again, the only escape Lizzie can manage is a return to the last place she wants to go.

Once she arrives in Kingdom, Lizzie is confident she'll be safe until she comes up with a new plan. In reacquainting herself with the town and its people--especially her old friend, Noah Housler--she wonders if she judged her hometown and her Mennonite faith too harshly. However, just as she begins to come to terms with her roots, Lizzie is horrified to discover the danger she ran from is closer than ever.

No longer sure who to trust and fearful for her life and the lives of those around her, Lizzie finds she has only one place left to run--to the Father whose love is inescapable.

My Review:

Nancy Mehl excels at creating realistic communities filled with complex characters and Kingdom doesn't disappoint. This tale is as much about the growing pains of the Mennonite town as it is about Lizzie Engel. In fact, there's some interesting parallels between Lizzie's spiritual growth and the Mennonite congregation's which adds a new dimension to the story. Fascinating stuff.

Even though Lizzie gained my immediate sympathy, I wanted to slap her silly a time or two...or three. Why oh why don't conflicted characters listen to my advice? Their lives would be so much easier that way. Oh...wait...that would mean my reading pleasure would be shorter, wouldn't it? Okay, scrap that last comment, I'm glad Lizzie didn't listen to my sage advice...sort of...because I enjoyed the emotionally tumultuous journey she took me on. Besides, she did figure it out in the end...nearly too late mind you...but then, this is a suspense, right?

Lizzie's daughter, Charity, stole my heart with her quest for Prince Charming. So many cute scenes that tugged at my heartstrings! Even though they annoyed and embarrassed her mom.

And Noah, solid, dependable, smitten. Pair those characteristics with some very un-Mennonite ones, like jealousy, and you get a multi-dimensional hunk of a hero. Throw in a mysterious stalker, tons of family dynamics and the forgiving love of our Savior and what do you get?  A compelling page-turner that you won't want to put down.

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  1. INESCAPABLE sounds like another great read of Nancy Mehl's! I have read every one of her books and I'm a huge, huge, fan of hers! I would be delighted to win a copy of this book!


  2. I also love her books. I am anxious to read this one. Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  3. Inescapable is on my wish list, now that i've read your review! Thank you for the post and the chance to win Nancy's newest novel!

    marianne dot wanham at gmail dot com

  4. I haven't read any of Nancy's books yet and this sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for the giveaway.


  5. It's a great read -- for seasoned Mehl fans or newbie ones. Good luck everyone!

  6. Yes I am a big fan of Nancy Mehl's...love to win & read Nancy's latest book...'Inescapable'.......I have shared on facebook and twitter....babyruthmac16ATyahoo.com

  7. This book is on my to-read list. I'd love to be entered!

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  8. I love your review of this book. You had me laughing outloud, wanting to slap Lizzie silly! LOL I'd love to read this book. It sounds great. Thanks for offering a wonderful review, and for offering this giveaway!
    Nancee in Michigan

  9. Bethany -- this book is worthy of moving up to the top of your TBR list. Good luck!

    Nancee -- LOL, yes well, no one can accuse me of NOT getting lost in a book. And I still want to slap Lizzie silly just for the aggravation she put me through. Good luck!

  10. This sounds like a story about self-discovery, at first, but also with a thriler twist! I wonder what trouble she has found herself in... I'd imagine there might be a time or two I'd want to knock some sense into Lizzie too.


  11. Poor Lizzie, she'll have a concussion by the time her readers are through with her. :-) Good luck, Na!

  12. I enjoy Nancy Mehl's books. My book club actually got to meet her a couple of years ago and discuss her Harmony series. She's a very nice lady. Thanks for the chance to win her new book, Inescapable.


  13. sounds like a great read...please count me in, kav :)

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  14. Oh Pam -- how exciting that you got to meet Nancy Mehl!!! That must have been an awesome experience. Good luck on this giveaway draw!

    You're counted, Karen! Good luck!

  15. I've enjoyed several of Nancy's mysteries, please include me for Inescapable. Thanks!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  16. I loved Nancy's Harmony Grove Series (hope I got that title right!):) It also took place in a Mennonite town, and had some suspense. This one has been on my wishlist ever since I got a sneak peek at the cover. Great review, Kav, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  17. This is a little different than what I normally read but it sounds pretty good. Please enter me!


  18. Good luck ladies. It's a great start to a new series!

  19. Sounds very interesting. I've not read any of Nancy Mehl's books. Please enter me.

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