Saturday, August 9, 2014

Surviving Henry


Sometimes you seek out love. And sometimes it broadsides you.You don't always know what you're getting into when you bring home a puppy. You hope for laughs and cuddles, long walks and a wagging tail. And sometimes you get . . . Henry.

Henry is a boxer who suffers from Supreme Dictator of the Universe Syndrome. He vandalizes his obedience school, leaps through windows, cheats death at every turn, and generally causes his long-suffering owner Erin Taylor Young to wonder what on earth she did wrong that God would send this dog to derail her life.

But this rogue torpedo of a dog wasn't sent to torment his owner--well, not just to torment her. Through all the hair-pulling and questioning of her own sanity, Erin learns something very powerful from Henry, a dog who brings new meaning to the concept of unconditional love.

Through his laugh-out-loud antics and jaw-dropping escapades, Henry will careen into your life and steal your heart.

My Review:

Funniest line in the book: "Would it kill that dog to give me a Lassie moment? Just one?" A sentiment that will strike a chord with many a hapless dog owner. Or should I say individuals owned by a dog?

This was a somewhat therapeutic read for me because out of the five dogs I have shared my life with, one was a Henry. I winced and laughed over Henry's antics and the Young's desperate attempts to curb the canine renegade's enthusiasm in the hopes of that one Lassie moment. Well, they still have time. Henry is only four.

A light-hearted read for dog lovers everywhere.

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  1. My heart strings are always plucked when reading anything about beloved pups, cats or even ducks. :)

    1. Oh, wait, speaking of ducks have you read the children's picture book, Lemon the Duck by Laura Barkman. True story about a kindergarten class that adopts a disabled ducking. Check it out at your library!