Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Guy Next Door



From Friend to…Fiancé?

Stalwart and steady, Darcy O'Malley has been by Luke Jordan's side since childhood. She has seen him through trials and tragedies, romances and breakups. They've been everything to each other—except boyfriend and girlfriend. Why ruin a good thing? What Luke can't explain, however, is why suddenly Darcy's presence is making his heart beat so hard. Something has changed since he left Appleton, and it's making him uneasy. Is it possible his best friend is meant to be something more? Dare he risk their perfect friendship in the hopes of finding his perfect wife?

My Review:

I get such a kick out of friendship-to-romance stories. There's such a depth to the relationship because they know each other so well. And it ups the angst factor because I know how right the hero and heroine are for each other but they are so afraid of messing up their friendship they keep hesitating. And that's pure reading torture which, of course, makes me keep turning pages.

The Guy Next Door is that kind of read. Delicious torment from beginning to end. :-) Darcy lacks confidence where her best friend is concerned. She's harbored feelings for him since high school but fear holds her back from doing anything about it. Dear, dunderheaded Luke is struggling in much the same way, but he's denying the attraction exists at all. Or at least keeps talking himself out of it. He's the kind of alpha male who wants to sweep in and fix everything. Only he doesn't always stop and consult with the people he's 'fixing'. Complications abound over some of his unfortunate conclusions.  An engaging read with enough twists and turns to keep a reader squirming until the very end.


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  1. I love Missy's books and an anxious to read this one! Have never met her, but live about an hour away!!
    Thanks, Kav, for the giveaway.
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    1. So you're a Georgia girl, Jackie? Good luck

  2. I enjoy boy/girl next door romances, this sounds so fun. :)
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  3. The Guy Next Door sounds like a fun romance!

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  4. Your book sounds really good. I had a very nice "boy next door" relationship. Still think of him often.

    1. It makes for an intriguing romance. Good luck, Joye.

  5. The Guy Next Door sounds like a great book! Thank you, Kav!

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  6. I love books where friendship turns into love. This book sounds like a sweet read.
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  7. Sounds like another good story. Thanks for the review Kav, and the chance to win this. Thanks.
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