Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chasing Sunsets



From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes the second novel in a brand-new series about divine intervention and the trials and triumphs of life—the dramatic story of a woman desperate to find deeper meaning in her life.

Growing up in a comfortable home, Mary Catherine wanted for nothing. Though she loves her wealthy parents, their lifestyle never appealed to her. Instead, Mary Catherine pursues meaning through charity work, giving away a part of herself but never giving away her heart.

Mary Catherine lives in Los Angeles with her roommate, Sami, and volunteers at a local youth center with coach Tyler Ames and LA Dodger Marcus Dillinger. Despite Mary Catherine’s intention to stay single, she finds herself drawing close to Marcus, and their budding romance offers an exciting life she never dreamed of. That is, until she receives devastating news from her doctor. News that alters her future and forces her to make a rash decision.

Inspirational and moving, Chasing Sunsets is the story of one woman’s deep longings of the soul, and the sacrifices she’s willing to make in search of healing.

My Review:

There's an ethereal quality to this series that I find very appealing. You don't need to have read the first book. Angels Walking, in order to enjoy this one, but there are some character overlaps as well as a bit of a romantic spoiler in Chasing Sunsets.

I love the notion of angels walking among us and Kingsbury does a wonderful job of portraying both their power and vulnerability as they serve God on earth. That added a whole new dimension to the read for me.

Though this is mainly Marcus and Mary Catherine's story, the author tells the tale from multiple viewpoints that converge together into a resounding climax of hope for so many futures. Even so, there's plenty left unresolved and I'm clinging to that hope until A Brush of Wings releases in spring 2016!


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  1. I enjoyed your review & would really like to read this book :)
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  2. I don't think Karen Kingsbury can write anything but a good book. karenskrayonsatgmaildotcom

    1. I'm with you in that one, Karen. I haven't read nearly enough of her books but I've enjoyed each one I have read. And this series is so refreshing and deeply thoughtful. Really inspiring. Good luck.

  3. Thank you for a great interview and this great giveaway! Karen Kingsbury is a dandy!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  4. I wasn't aware of this series. Chasing Sunsets is such a beautiful title. I'd enjoy this book very much and I'm going to look for Angels Walking.

    1. It's an amazing series, rubynreba. Worth reading, I think. Good luck.

  5. Love her books!! Thanks for the giveaway!


    1. You're welcome, Melissa. Good luck!