Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Virtuous Ruby



An unexpected love in a small, Southern town.

After fifteen months of hiding from the shame of bearing an illegitimate child, two words drive Ruby Bledsoe to face the good citizens of Winslow, Georgia. Never again. She vows to speak out against injustice. For her sisters. For her parents. For her infant son, Solomon.

When she comes to help an injured mill worker, she bristles when a tall, handsome man claiming to be a doctor brushes her aside. Despite his arrogance, Ruby senses he’s someone like her, whose light skin doesn’t quite hide who he is.

Up north, Dr. Adam Morson easily kept his mixed race a secret. Now that he’s in Georgia, summoned by his white father, he can feel restrictions closing in around him.

Something powerful draws him to the beauty whose activist spirit is as fiery as her name. And soon, Adam wants nothing more than to take Ruby and her child far from Georgia’s toxic prejudice. But Ruby must choose between seeking her own happiness and staying to fight for the soul of her hometown.

My Review:

Such an emotional read. My heart feels bruised, achingly tender now that I'm in recovery mode. This is a somber story, but a hope-filled one as well.

Ruby is an incredible heroine -- such a mix of contradictions. She's poised and regal and proud. Intelligent and determined to improve her circumstances. But she's also stubborn and defiant. Just ask Adam. He's learned the hard way and, honestly, in a battle of wills, he doesn't stand a chance. There's great dynamics between these two -- set apart by the very different worlds they live in.

When Adam comes to Winslow, Georgia, Ruby becomes his guide, helping him adapt to the harsh realities of the South. Only she's a firebrand who refuses to be muzzled and she doesn't hesitate to speak out against the atrocities being committed among her people. She doesn't hold back when it comes to the interloper doctor either. Adam begins to anticipate -- even look forward to -- her scathing comments and looks of disdain as she strives to put him in his place. But love flourishes in unlikely places though Ruby and Adam have enough challenges to hurdle before they can begin to hope for a future together.

 Racism is ugly and Huguley doesn't mince words when it comes to the violence, degradation and brutality of white dominated Winslow Georgia. I was outraged through most of this read. Fuming at the ignorance and depravity of the inhabitants; shocked by the narrow-minded prejudice of Ruby's own people.

The author does an amazing job of capturing the volatile dynamics of this time period. It is present within Ruby's own family and the tenuous relationship she has with her mother. As well as in the complication her illegitimate child brings, leading to harsh judgements within her own church community. It is present in Adam's family as well and in the fine balance he attempts to navigate between white and black.

Faith is expertly woven into every aspect of the lives of these characters. It flows naturally into the overall story arc -- an extension of the time and the people. Beautifully uplifting in the midst of so many stark scenes.

A compelling introduction to Migrations of the Heart series. I can't wait to read the rest of the books!



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  1. I love Piper's books! Looking forward to reading this one as well.
    Thanks, Kav!
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  2. New author for me sounds like a really good read. kamundsen44ATyahooDOTcom.

  3. Thanks for your review, Kav. I knew of this book, but not about this book. It does sound good. I just started reading Piper's Home to Mitford College series (sorry to admit it has taken me so long to begin reading these books), and I find Piper's writing so engaging. I definitely understand the great success and awards she has achieved recently. Looking forward to many more books by this gifted writer! sheridastewart AT gmail DOT com

    1. I've only read one of the Mitford series -- must catch up on those as well but I've been anxious to read this series since it came out in 2015. Tried endlessly to get it in paperback up here but wasn't successful so I broke down and actually read an ebook. LOL It's a stirring story and I'm really invested in this family now so am anxious to read about Ruby's sisters as well. Good luck, Sherida.

  4. Looks great - thanks for the chance to win. truckredford(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Don't enter me ... just wanted to say that I hadn't seen this book before & it sounds fascinating. I'll definitely be picking it up.

    Great review, Kav!

    1. It really is fascinating -- the whole series looks very promising. Be prepared to have your emotions engaged big time.

  6. I'm not familiar with Piper's writing, but this sounds like a powerful story.


    1. Powerful is just the word to describe it. Good luck, Patty.

  7. I look forward to this new series.

  8. I only just saw this book for the first time on your website, Kav, and now I have seen it on other blogs as "one to read." I guess I better read it. tlhcoupon(at)hotmail(dot)com

    1. Yes -- Piper has gained a lot of recognition with this series and award nominations too. Good luck, Terrill.