Saturday, August 13, 2011

Secrets of Harmony Grove


Philadelphia marketing executive, Sienna Collins, learns she is under investigation by the federal government for crimes she knows nothing about. Suspecting the matter has something to do with one of her investments, the Harmony Grove Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster County, she heads there, only to find her ex-boyfriend dead and the manager of the B and B unconscious. As Sienna's life spins wildly out of control, she begins to doubt everyone around her, even the handsome detective assigned to the case.

As Sienna searches for the truth and tries to clear her name, she is forced to depend on the faith of her childhood, the wisdom of the Amish, and the insight of the man she has recently begun dating. She'll need all the help she can get, because the secrets she uncovers in Harmony Grove threaten not just her bed-and-breakfast, but also her credibility, her beliefs, and ultimately, her life.

My Review:

Incredibly suspenseful. There are layers upon layers of mystery that Clark has cleverly hidden within the text. It kept me on my toes and eagerly turning pages while my mind whirled with all the possibilities but I didn't guess the whodunnit part until Sienna did! Of course, once I knew, I could see all the hints that had been scattered throughout the plot. Hints that both Sienna and I ignored until it was nearly too late. LOL.

Even the romance is filled with suspense, since Clark has crafted two stellar heroes to tempt Sienna...and the reader. I soooo wanted to check the last few pages to see who she ended up with! But I'm glad I didn't!

If you aren't a keen Amish fan, no worries. While Secrets of Harmony Grove take place in Amish country, it isn't a typical Amish story. But if you're an Amish fan, you will enjoy the ambiance all the more.


  1. I will put this book on my wish list, it sounds really great.

  2. You might find it in your library, Marjorie. It's not a new release so they will have had time to get it in their collection.

  3. Kav, how many books do you read a week?! You're amazing.

  4. LOL -- not usually this many, Sandra. I'm on holiday this month and I hurt my foot so I've been languishing on the fainting couch reading inatead of weeding. :-)

  5. I love Mandy's books! She has a way of writing suspense and mystery that is fun and exciting. I remember hearing about this one but never read it. Thanks for your thoughts about it!