Friday, March 16, 2012

Vanish in Plain Sight


A young mother vanishes in plain sight.

Since she was a little girl, Marisa Angelo has been haunted by the image of her mother walking away, suitcase in hand, to return to her Amish roots.

Marisa and her Englischer father never saw or heard from her again. Now Marisa has received a shocking call from police. Her mother's bloodstained suitcase was found hidden inside the wall of a Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouse.

Desperate for answers, Marisa heads to Lancaster county. But no one -- not the police or Marisa's tight-lipped Amish relatives -- can explain what happened to her mother.

Only one man is as determined as Marisa to unravel the mystery -- Link Morgan, the handsome ex-military loner who found the suitcase in the house he inherited from his uncle. Now both Link's and Marisa's family members are implicated in the decades-old disappearance.

The secret lies somewhere in the quaint Amish settlement. But someone will do anything to ensure the truth remains hidden forever.

My Review:

A gripping suspense with plenty of twists that kept me turning pages. Such an unusual premise as well; that hooked me from the start. And two emotionally-wounded main characters bungling towards one another despite their efforts not to! It made the romance edgier and upped the emotional reaction of this reader. And of course, as always, I found the Amish angle fascinating! A great suspenseful read.


  1. My list just keeps growing of "good reads" The Amish twist sells it for me! Have got to read this one!

  2. LOL -- Jody I went to the store yesterday and came away with 8 books!!! I just couldn't resist! Talk about tottering TBR piles!

  3. Would love to read this! Someday... :)

  4. I found it in my library system, so don't enter me to win--thanks for pointing the way to a good book! :)