Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Hidden Life



Emma Stolzfus has never been courted or kissed, and now that she's 30, it has become her place as the unmarried daughter to look after her elderly mother. But in the dark hours when her mother is asleep, Emma writes letters and essays to Amish periodicals, short stories, and even a novel she's been working on for the last five years.

When a New York literary agent, Tyler West, takes an interest in her work, Emma secretly goes to meet him. When she returns, something about her is different-and the men of her Amish community take notice. But how can she settle for second best when her heart made its choice years ago-to a man she can never have? Only her friends, Amelia and Carrie, know the truth in her heart as they work together on their quilt ... and only they understand when an old tragedy comes to light that will either hurt or heal ... and reveal Emma's hidden life.

My Review:

Emma is one of my most favourite heroines to date! Just loved her sardonic wit -- the private asides oozing in sarcasm that she was smart enough not to vocalize! Unexpected humour abounds all through this book.

The second in the Amish Quilt series, The Hidden Life reads well as a standalone, though you might want to grab the first book, The Wound Heart, just because it's that good! One of the great appeals in this series is that it revolves around three friends -- Amelia, Carrie and Emma -- and all three play a prominent role in each book. I love how Senft highlights their friendship while placing the spotlight on one woman per story.

I also quickly became enamoured with the book publication plotline. When Emma met a literary agent for the first time, so did I. The hopeful writer in me cheered him on and anguished over Emma's plight as she sought God's will for her life. The nearly unbearable tension was happily relieved from time to time by Emma's suddenly blossoming love life.  More scope for humour in unexpected places. You just have to love a klutzy Amish woman! And a community who can't quite believe their eyes!

The Hidden Life is a perfect summer read for Amish lovers and even includes a bonus first glimpse at The Tempted Soul (book three) which will come out in March 2013. It just can't get any better than that!

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  1. The Hidden Life by Adina Senft sounds like a book that I would like to read. I think I will try to get the first book in the series, because I tend to like to read the stories in order.

    Please enter my name into the drawing.


    Tammi in Maine

  2. I think you'd like it to, Tammi. Dare I say Love it???? Good luck!

  3. I've yet to read anything by Adina. Would love the opportunity to win her book about the Amish. "New" author equals new perspective!!!

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  4. Ohhh, I have never read anything by Adina Senft (I would remember that name!). :) This looks great... I would love to win!


  5. You're in for a treat, Linda and Ladette. Good luck!

  6. Oh this one sounds great. Please enter me.

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  7. a great review...thanks for the chance to read this beautiful story

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  8. You're both entered Michelle and Karen. Good luck!

  9. I haven't read much Amish fiction lately, kind of got tired of it, but this book sounds like something a little different! And the author is new to me...


  10. I have just recently fallen in love with Amish fiction. I'd love to read this. The Amish Quilt series will I am sure live up to my expectations!

  11. Patty, there's such a variety of Amish fiction available now. I think you'd be surprised at what you find. :-)

    Yay -- another Amish convert!!! It's an easy genre to fall in love with, isn't it, rubynreba?

    Good luck you two.

  12. I've heard great things about this book. I would love to win.



  13. Please enter me. I have heard alot of good things about this author! Thanks, Kav!


  14. I've read some of Adina's books and loved them, would love to win this.


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  17. i would love to win this for my Mom, Kav. She is so into the Amish fiction (at 86 years old) and though i get what i can from the library, it seems i can't keep her in Amish books. Thanks, Kav for

  18. It sounds like fun, a writer who can weave humor through a book is okay by me!

  19. I have both written down in my little notebook, 10 pages back! So... want to reads! note. Enter me pleaseeee!!! Thanks. Kathleen

  20. The Hidden Life sounds engaging and again, a different sort of Amish story.Please count me in!

  21. Yaaaaay -- lots of Amish fans!!! Good luck everyone!

  22. I enjoy reading books that are in a series and are about the Amish. Would love to read this book. Please include me in the giveaway.


  23. Would love the chance to win and read this book. Read the first book and loved it. Thank you for the giveaway.

  24. Hope I'm not late for the giveaway. My sister just told me about it this morning. I love reading Amish fiction. Please enter my name in the giveaway.

  25. Kav, I just told my friend, Marian, about your blog, and she was delighted, and said she became a follower. So when I came back to look I realized that I was not on your GFC list anymore. I don't know what happened, but I rectified that situation. So I just became your 110 follower! yay! So do I win? lol I know I have no pride when it comes to books. :) It's awful.