Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Giveaway - Week One


won by chaplaindebbie

won by Marissa

won by Abbi Hart

It was an enlightening week for me! My email was hacked. Thanks to those who alerted me and just a reminder to everyone -- never open a link in an email you are uncertain of. Usually, the link is the only text in the body of the email. I would never send any links that way. If I wanted to share a cool website or something of that nature I would share it here in my blog. Anyway -- I think the situation is fixed now but just to be on the safe side, remember, the only time I'll send you an email is alert you of a win and there won't be any links involved!

The other thing I've become aware of is that I missed ordering some wins in March. I was in my post-pneumonia-and-in-the-middle-of-Speedbo-writing-brain and I fear my record keeping went awry. Looks like a few of the books didn't get ordered. If you were a winner in March and haven't received a book yet, please drop me a line at the email below and we'll sort it out.

As always, I will contact the winners by email however thanks to the nefarious ways of the internet my email might land in your spam folder so keep your eyes peeled! :-) If you haven't heard from me by Monday evening please email me your snail mail address at kavluvstoreadATyahooDOTca. From time to time winners and I don't seem to connect, so I have a month frame. If I can't reach you within four weeks your win will be forfeited and I will add an extra win to a future draw to even things up.



  1. I'm so sorry your e-mail got hacked, Kav. :( No fun at all! But I'm glad to hear you were able to get it fixed. :)

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

    I'm hoping to start Undeniably Yours really soon - looking forward to it! And I'm super curious about Adoring Addie! I've been interested in trying that series for a while now. :)


    P.S. I also wanted to let you know that I received my copy of Love At Any Cost!! Thank you so much!! ((Hugs))