Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adoring Addie



A New Amish Romance from Christy Winner and Bestselling Author Leslie Gould

When Addie Cramer's mutter and daed decide Phillip Eicher is the man for her to marry, they claim she must honor them by obeying their wishes. But then she falls in love with Jonathan Mosier--part of the family with whom the Cramers have a long-held grudge.

With the help of others in her community who long to see the quarrel healed, Jonathan and Addie struggle to continue their relationship against both sets of parents' wishes. But when one of Addie's vengeful brothers harms a member of the Mosier family, Jonathan intervenes and is banished from Lancaster County.

A distraught Addie determines to find the true reason for the grudge between the two families, hoping to tear down the animosity of the past. Can their love for each other bridge the divide between their families? Or are they destined to remain apart forever?

My Review:

A simple love story set amidst a complicated plot with a Romeo and Juliet twist. The Cramers are as dysfunctional as a family can get -- a fascinating angle from which to present an Amish story. Kudos to Gould for thinking outside the box.

Addie's family is infuriatingly impossible and I alternately cringed and fumed as I witnessed their antics. By contrast, her relationship with Jonathan holds an almost fairy tale quality. Love at first sight that seems shadowed by a curse. The impossibility of it all kept me turning pages as I tried to figure out how Gould could possibly end with a happily ever after.

If you are looking for a refreshing (and infuriating) Amish read, this book definitely fits the bill!

Giveaway Opportunity:

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  1. I've been so curious about this series - love the combo of Shakespeare and the Amish! :) Thanks so much for the opportunity to maybe win this one and give it a try!



  2. This sounds like a perfectly lovely story and I would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity :)


  3. I know, Amber -- who would have thought Shakespeare and the Amish could go together so well? Good luck!

    It's a great story, Louise, Good luck!

  4. thanks for the chance to read this wonderful novel, kav

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  5. Sounds like an interesting twist!



  6. Good luck Karen and Patty.

  7. It sounds very interesting and a very good name for the heroine. Addie is a very old name and it is my mother's first name. When I was younger, I found a book with a character named Addie in it. It is nice to see another book with that name.


  8. This sounds like a very good read! And I would love to win it!. I have read several of Leslie's books and love them!
    Joy ibjoy1953[at]yahoo.com

  9. The realism of the Amish families in addition to the fairy tale love story appeals to me. I would enjoy reading this book. Thanks, Kav, for offering a copy.
    may_dayzee (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. I like old-fashioned names, Deanna. Addie definitely fits an Amish heroine, I think. Good luck!
    Joy -- Leslie is a good writer, isn't she? I like the spin she's doing with this series. Something fresh in the Amish genre. Good luck!

    It's such a contrast, Kay, it really makes an impact. Hope you get to enjoy it soon. Good luck!

  11. I've read some lovely reviews about this book! It's definitely on my to-read list! Thanks!


  12. This sounds like a interesting mix. Thanks for the opportunity!


  13. I just finished Accidently Amish and I'm ready for another Amish story - hope this is it!

  14. I'm not a huge fan of Amish stories but I read the first book in this series, Courting Cate (based on The Taming of the Shrew) and really liked it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Adoring Addie.


  15. It is, Jo. Good luck!

    Melody, wasn't Accidentally Amish fantastic? This is another good one. Good luck!

    Pam -- good for Leslie Gould, hooking you with an unusual premise. I think you'll enjoy this one as well. Good luck!

  16. Great review Kav! I would be thrilled to win a copy of Adoring Addie! Thank you for this giveaway.

    Judy B

  17. I would love to win this book, thank you for the chance.


  18. This series absolutely fascinates me. I agree with you, talk about thinking outside the box. Please enter me.

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  19. Hey there Kav. You have a book that I sure would love to have, I have the first book, but now need this one. Thanks for this opportunity. I hope I get lucky this time. MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

  20. Good luck Judy, Wendy, Michell and Maxie!

  21. I read Courting Cate last fall and really enjoyed it, I have been looking forward to Adoring Addie ever since. Please enter my name into the drawing.


    Tammi in Maine


  22. Adoring Addie looks like a great Amish romance. Love to read this. thanks!

  23. Refreshing and infuriating, sounds like a fun book!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  24. Good luck Merry, rubynreba and Tammi

  25. I'm so excited to read this one! I loved Courting Cate! shopgirl152nykiki(at)yahoo(dot)com

  26. I know today's the deadline and I hope I just made it! :) I LOVED Courting Cate and I am a GREAT Leslie Gould Fan! :) Definitely NEED to read this one! :)

    Hope I'm entered :)


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