Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seaside Secrets



In the line of fire...

Navy chaplain Angela Gallagher wants to put the past behind her, but she's still haunted by the wartime death of her assistant. So when his brother claims he's in danger and pleads for her to use her family's private detective company's resources to help him stay alive, she can't turn him down. But someone will stop at nothing -- even murder -- to keep her from revealing their secrets. She'll have to depend on a military colleague to keep her head above water. Dr. Dan Blackwell was in the field with her when her assistant died, and he's determined to keep her safe. Can they sift through the web of lies to find the truth without losing their lives?

Pacific Coast Private Eyes: Sisters fighting crime

My Review:

Faith is front and centre in this page-turning suspense. Angela's struggles are so raw and honest and I appreciated sharing that journey with her. Plagued by wartime tragedy, she's off kilter, unable to completely trust herself...or her God...any more. There are some poignant scenes that touched my heart and bring depth to an already engaging read.

Mentink knows how to pull together an intriguing suspense. There's a host of interesting secondary characters and it took all my armchair sleuthing experience to figure things out....well, I got some of it right anyway. :-) Love it when I have to work as hard as the hero and heroine to bring the villains  to justice.

And speaking of Dan and Angela -- phew -- an emotional romance that seems doomed from the start. Loved their angst-riddled meandering path towards a happily-ever after and Mentink makes them work for every moment.

A blissfully satisfying read that is sure to thrill romantic suspense lovers.


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  1. Love her suspense books.cheetahthecat1986ATgmailDOTcom.

  2. I have loved this author's books!

    1. She always delivers, doesn't she? Good luck, Susan.

  3. Read/reviewed this one....Kav did you read "Dangerous Tidings"? The first one to the Pacific Private Eyes series. I loved learning about Angela, it answered the question for me as to what happened to change her. Dana is a very good writer and I simply can't wait for the third book :-)

    1. Yes, I read Dangerous Tidings -- and I like that the books in the series is being released close together. Dana knows how to spin a tale, doesn't she?

  4. I am not familiar with this author but would buy the book based on the title alone.
    Janet E.

    1. She's awesome, Janet. Good luck!

  5. Looks like a suspense book I would enjoy.

  6. Seaside Secrets sounds like it will keep me on my toes and in the book to the end! :)
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com