Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Lady Like Sarah : a Rocky Creek Romance

Brownley, Margaret
A Lady Like Sarah : a Rocky Creek Romance

I never did cotton to being called miss. Makes it sound like I’m missin’ out on somethin’ just cuz I ain’t got me no husband.”

Sarah’s lived a rough and tumble life. Orphaned at six and raised by her outlaw brothers, trouble stuck to her like a shadow. We first meet her handcuffed to a U.S. Marshall who is taking her back to Rocky Creek to hang for murder. Oh – did I mention that someone shot the Marshall and stole his horse leaving both Sarah and the lawman lying unconscious, close to death when…
Okay, this is the part where you’re anticipating the ruggedly handsome cowboy riding to the rescue, right? Sorry to disappoint, but Justin Wells is a Boston preacher and he’s reluctantly heading to his new parish in Rocky Creek on the heels of a scandal back home.

Justin has a bible story for every occasion. Sarah hasn’t set foot in a church since they buried her parents. Justin favours long-winded prayers and sees miracles at every turn. Sarah has never had a prayer answered and doesn’t believe in miracles. You know the old adage, opposites attract? Well, it definitely applies here. There’s sizzle from their first meeting and it leads to their unexpected first kiss which Sarah initiates.

“Great sand and sagebrush! How come no one ever told her that kissin’ a man was more fun than fightin’ a bear?”

Of course the road to true love is never an easy one and Brownley makes it even harder for Justin and Sarah by throwing a few little obstacles across their path to true happiness. Things like a dead marshal, renegade Indians, outlaws, an orphaned baby and…oh yeah…that dang hangman’s noose. Luckily Sarah receives some “divine interruptions” along the way and Justin discovers that the blessings God had in store for him far outweigh the loss of the Boston church he loved.

Margaret Brownley has expertly combined humour and drama and the unexpected to give this historical Western a unique twist. This is a must read…even if you don’t like Historicals or Westerns…because once you’ve read this one you will.

In Sarah’s words, “You have to play the fiddle you have.” and Margaret Brownley has created a masterpiece with hers.

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