Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Foolish Heart



When it comes to love, sometimes you have to be a little foolish.

Unknown to her quaint town of Deep Haven, Isadora Presley is the star host of My Foolish Heart, a popular syndicated talk radio show. From her home studio, she gives listeners advice on romance even though she's never had a date.

It's not that she doesn't want to, but since a tragic accident took her mother's life, panic attacks have trapped her inside her small neighbourhood. And though she always reminds listeners that their perfect love could be right next door, it can't possibly be true for her.  Especially when a new neighbour moves in. Sure he's handsome, but with his unruly dog and Neanderthal manners, Caleb Knight is the last man she'd ever fall for.

To Issy, love isn't worth the risk. Until she starts to have feelings for a caller -- a man she's never even met but finds honest, charming and sensitive.

A man she doesn't realize lives right next door.

My Review:

I got a delicious thrill every time I opened this book. That may sound strange and I can't quite put my finger on why but I was just plain excited every time I started to read.

My Foolish Heart is pure romance and it was refreshing to read a story where the plot focused on just that -- the romance between Caleb and Issy. This doesn't mean the story is shallow or lacking in any way. In fact the simplicity of it allowed Warren to go deeper into the hearts and lives of two people struggling to overcome past tragedies. She does it so well that I can totally see this play out on the big screen -- it's the kind of feel good, triumphant story with a  mega football game ending that would move you to tears in the theater. Honestly, it would be a hit at the box office.

Football? I HATE football. I don't understand it, don't want to and have absolutely no interest in anyone who does...until Caleb...and Issy. I actually read the football talk! I actually got the football jargon!  That in itself is a miracle!

You will meet the most endearing furry, four-footed beast in the pages of this book. Roger/Duncan provides humour and comfort and a major goosebump moment. And secondary characters who steal the spotlight at times as they struggle...and conquer...their own troubled pasts.

And then there's Issy. Warren approached her condition with compassion and understanding and somehow got into Issy's heart and then shared it with her readers. I was really touched by Issy's struggle and paralleled it with some of my own. Not that I have ever suffered from a full blown panic attack, but I have certainly experienced selected 'mini' ones. Haven't we all? And being able to connect with that and watch Issy's battle somehow made me feel stronger too.

This is a wonderful, inspiring read and one you won't want to miss!

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  1. This looks like such an awesome book! Thanks for the chance to win it. Please enter me!


  2. Please enter me! I'm looking forward to reading this book!


  3. I absolutely love Susan May Warren's books. I'm laughing about what you wrote about football. I hate it too. :)

    mchapman (at) windstream (dot) net

  4. Elyssa -- it is an awesome book!

    Jennifer -- consider yourself entered.

    Michelle -- can you believe that I've only read a couple of Love Inspired Suspense books by Susan May Warren? What have I been missing???? Good luck!

  5. thank you so much for the chance to win this. This sounds like an awesome book. I would love the chance to win this. Thanks again.

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  6. I'd love for a chance, Kav. So, so sorry I haven't been around much for awhile. A lot has been happening here, part of which you understand. Thanks so much for doing these. We all really appreciate it, I'm sure of it. I'd love for a nice book to read even though I've been stress buying books! LOL! I stress eat and buy books. Isn't that terrible!? At least it's good ; ) Stay tuned on my blog, I htink I'll be posting an update of all the books I've been getting recently. :)
    Much love and gratitude,

  7. Your welcome, Rebecca, and good luck!

    Hannah (((hugs))) I stress book buy too. I celebrate book buy and lament book buy and escape book buy...ah...I just book buy. It's my only addiction (not quite willing to call it a vice!) Good luck!!!!!

  8. I will second Susan's books! She is a wonderful author with a unique writing style:) And this book is a Deep Haven novel so it is in the Deep Haven series. They are really good:) Please enter me in this giveaway. Thanks!


  9. You're entered, Charity. I haven't read any of the other Deep Haven books...obviously I have to. I need more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I know what you mean:) I have a stack of books for review and then another 2 stacks of just TBR. And they keep growing!! No matter how many I read:)