Friday, June 22, 2012

The Way Bible


Today’s 16–30 year olds are looking for connection to something bigger than themselves. They want something that works and is honest, authentic. Something that they can actually experience. Something that gives them hope. The Way offers a way that works. A way that matters. A way that asks them to step up to something important enough—big enough—to live for. It’s a visual, textual, and interactive experience for a generation that has blurred the boundaries of media. It’s an interactive experience for those ready for collaboration, change, and a challenge. The Way connects a restless generation, a generation looking for direction, to Jesus—the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It uses first-person stories, reflections, and questions that bring the Bible to the real world.

My Review:

A very interesting approach to bible study. I think The Way can safely be summed up in one word. Authentic. God's words haven't changed and the the New Living Translation helps to make them clear and understandable but the whole look and feel and approach to this bible is different and very appealing.

The first big difference is the preface for each book in the bible. Not only is a frank summary provided, but the writers flip the biblical circumstances to parallel 21st century ones and that suddenly makes this ancient scripture so relevent to this age. I could easily see myself using any number of them as discussion starters in a group bible study or devotional. The book is worth buying just for that.

The Way also boasts additonal inserts scattered throughout its pages. There is My Story, Lament and Living in the Way and all serve to touch the reader's heart, mind and spirit and make scripture studying all the more fulfilling. In My Story, young Believers share their faith journey. Lament is just that, a personal first person lament that doesn't necessarily supply answers but resonates with the acceptance of faith. Living in the Way segments are hard-hitting short devotionals that contrast the world's view with Christ's.  All made me think, feel and most importantly, challenged me to assess my own spiritual journey.

The Way is definitely a unique addition to any study library.

"Advanced Reader's Copy of the Bible has been provided courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available at your favourite bookseller from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc".

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