Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Survivor



Is it her next bestseller . . . Or her last words? In The Chase, award-winning author DiAnn Mills introduced you to the world of Kariss Walker, the bestselling suspense author with a nose for trouble. In The Survivor, Kariss gets the chance to tell her most powerful story yet. But will it revitalize her writing career? Or bring it to a violent end?
Kariss meets Dr. Amy Garrett, who survived a brutal childhood attack in which the assailant was never found. Now Dr. Garrett wants her story written in a novel. Kariss wishes she could seek the advice of Special Agent Tigo Harris, but she broke off the relationship a few months prior and seeing him again would be too painful. She interviews Amy and conducts her own research, stepping unaware into danger.
Tigo misses Kariss and wants her back, but he understands why she broke off their relationship. Instead, he concentrates on solving a car bombing and bringing the killer to justice. As Kariss's new story attracts an onslaught of danger that she never expected, can Tigo save the woman he loves and find out who wants her dead for writing about an unsolved cold case?
My Review:
I have never wanted to throttle a heroine more! Kariss has a stubborn streak just bordering on the edge of arrogance! I wanted to shake her until her teeth rattled! I guess that means the author definitely engaged me. :-)
Mills has the uncanny ability to weave seemingly disparate threads into an amazingly rich tapestry.  I'm in awe over how she managed to skillfully blend two separate plots into a crescendo of a climax. You'll want x-ray eyes in order to get to the bottom of this stellar suspense in record time.
And  The Survivor is gritty and realistic in every way -- including throughout the inspirational thread. Mills tackles age old questions and struggles and doesn't shy away from showcasing the imperfections in a believer. 
An all round stunning suspense that will hold you hostage until you reach 'the end'.
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  1. You're counted, Cheryl. Good luck!

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  3. I would love to win a copy of DiAnn's book The Survivor. The heroine sounds compelling and risky. Looks great. Please include me.


  4. I enjoyed The Chase and can't wait to see what happens next in The Survivor. Love your review, Kav!
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  5. Dear Kav,
    I already have a copy of "Survivor" but would love to win one for my church library.
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  6. I have been entering every giveaway that I can find for this book. I really want to read DiAnn Mills' The Survivor. Thank you so much for your review!!!


  7. DiAnn Mills is a favorite author of mine. Thanks for the chance to win The Survivor.

  8. I have been wanting to read one of DiAnn Mills books - this one sounds good! Please throw my name in the hat for the drawing and thank you for the opportunity!


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  10. I read The Chase and enjoyed it. Have been looking forward to this one.

    Great review too, thanks!

  11. I've read a couple of books by DiAnn and really enjoyed them, so I would surely enjoy The Chase. Thank you for offering a copy.
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  12. Wow, great review. I'm definitely intrigued! Thanks!
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  13. I'd love to win a copy of DiAnn's book. Great review for what appears to be another great suspense! Thanks, Kav!

  14. I haven't tried any of Diann's books yet but would love to do so!
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  15. I know what you mean about stubborn heroines that you want to throttle! As much as you want to you also want to see where the story goes and hope the plot can save it:)