Friday, December 12, 2014

Burning Questions : Exploring Where the Evidence Leads


Is there a God? If so...why is there evil and suffering? Has science eliminated religion? There are thousands of different religions: which one is true? Can we the bible seriously or is it just a myth? Who was Jesus of Nazareth and does it matter?

Those are Burning Questions, the answers to which have profound implications because they effect so many other areas of life: for instance, whether or not life has meaning, purpose or hope. Yet, too often, attempts to talk about these questions is marred by a clash of fundamentalisms, by extremists (religious or secular) simply yelling or trying to outsmart each other.

Is there a better way to have discourse on these questions that really do matter? Join Dr. Andy Bannister as he tries to do just that—journeying across three countries—talking to a wide range of experts—people of all faiths and none—in search of some clarity. Whether you’re a skeptic or a seeker, a doubter or a disciple, Burning Questions will encourage you to listen well, think deeply and to follow the evidence where it leads.
My Review:
An interesting glimpse into the contrasts in some major belief systems. Watching this DVD felt like getting a glimpse at snippets of a university lecture series. There's definitely a lot of fodder for discussion in the burning questions posed. And I was captivated by the myriad of viewpoints though I don't think Dr. Bannister found the clarity he was looking for. Interestingly enough the rabbi's take on things was easiest for me to relate to (and I'm an evangelical Christian). I felt he delivered his answers with concise simplicity and without apology. He cut through all the philosophical talk and went straight for the truth every time. I appreciated his candidness. A great resource to bridge the gap in understanding between different belief systems.

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  1. Interesting to explore different belief systems. I tell myself that even if I don't agree with some of them, it gives me a good perspective into what others think.

    1. Definitely. And brings a basis for respect if not agreement.