Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To Write a Wrong



In Angola State Penitentiary, a man is serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Riley Baxter is an eager reporter desperate for a story to make a name for herself. When she stumbles upon the daughter of the incarcerated man, Riley sees a little too much of herself in the teen, and vows to help prove her father’s innocence.

At the same time, Hayden Simpson has his hands full with keeping his little sister in line, worrying about his job as Police Commissioner, and dealing with his past emotional baggage. The last thing he needs is someone blowing the lid off his emotional bucket. But when Riley Baxter storms into his life, struggling to understand why God would let bad things happen to good people, Hayden has no choice but to follow his heart.

Now, Riley and Hayden must work together to uncover the truth of the past . . . before someone shuts Riley up for good.

My Review:

First off -- kudos on the title's brilliant tie-in. Love the play on words and the way it fits so well with the story. Yes, I notice those kinds of things. :-) 

Caroll seized me within her writer's grasp and I didn't escape her clutches until the very last word...not that I wanted to. An engrossing plot kept me riveted as I tried to solve the mystery before the characters did. And I succeeded  just in time to read on in  horror when the heroine...well I don't want to give anything away but you can imagine my anguish when Riley didn't heed my panicked "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" and proceeded to do just what I didn't want her to do. It's a miracle I lived to write this review, my heart was under that much stress!

Thankfully Caroll soothed my heart palpitations with Hayden and Riley's romance. Talk about a calm before the storm! I loved the balance the author achieved between romance and suspense while still driving the gritty plot forward at a breathless pace.

Of note to gentle would-be readers -- I did find a bit of offensive language in this book. Nothing earth-shattering by worldly comparisons, but one word in particular took me off guard. It actually broke the rhythm of the read for me. Some might argue that in context, the word is acceptable, but I'm finding the trend of adding questionable language into Christian fiction disconcerting. Now it may be a cultural thing too -- perhaps this word is acceptable slang in the southern states (I'm from Canada), but I personally feel that the hero, who is portrayed as such a respectful, protective, southern gentleman just wouldn't say that word in front of a lady (in this case the heroine). Now that's strictly my personal opinion and I will admit to being extremely conservative where language is concerned. 

That being said, I wouldn't skip this or any of Robin Caroll's other works because of the above issue. She's a superb writer and with an imagination and attention to detail that just can't be beat! If you love suspense, you'll be thrilled with To Write a Wrong.

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  1. I always love the play on words in the title of the book. Sounds like one nail-biting story. Please enter me.

    Linda at: desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  2. You make me curious about what the truth of the past is! Love to read this story.

  3. Hey rubynreba dontcha know that curiosity killed the cat? LOL. Good luck!

  4. I thank you for the chance to enter the drawing and for the review and for sharing the emotions going on within you while you read. I love a book that makes me do that!!
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  5. I have not read any of her books before. Thanks for the heads up on the language. I really do appreciate that when reviewers let us know. Please enter me. Thanks.

    sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

  6. Emotional reads are my favourite too, Pamela! Good luck!

    Your welcome, Amy. I like a heads up as well from time to time. Good luck!

  7. Cool title for a suspense book! I'm with you on the language thing, thanks for the warning. Robin's book sounds really great, please include me.
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  8. This book sounds like it has alot of suspense and the storyline is very interesting.
    Thanks for the chance to win and read it.

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  9. Good luck Merry and Marjorie!

    1. Thank you so very much for the best wishes.

  10. thanks for the chance to read this story, kav.

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  11. Your welcome Karen. Good luck!

  12. Sounds like a great read... I LOVE to see how the title fits with the book. It is something I ALWAYS look for in a book (or movie). :)



  13. I know, Ladette -- and the title is a huge hook for me. This one is just sooooo clever. I love it. Good luck!

  14. I know, Ladette -- and the title is a huge hook for me. This one is just sooooo clever. I love it. Good luck!

  15. Aghhhhhhh!!! I have never read any of Robin's books and have desperately wanted to for a very long time! They always look so so so intriguing. As soon as I saw her name, I HAD to enter haha :) I know not to judge a book by it's cover, but between the title and the imagery, it's captivating.
    Thanks so much again, Kav!

  16. From your review and the sound of the bok I may not want to be released from the writer's cluthes! I notice funny things like titles and their tie-in as well, Kav :)


  17. Hey Hannah, good to 'see' you! You'll love Robin Carroll if you like suspense. Good luck.

    Na - a kindred spirit! :-) good luck!

  18. Sounds like a really good read and Caroll would be a new author for me, though I've heard she's very good! Please enter me!