Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Amish Bride



Ella Bayer and Ezra Gundy are in love and hope to marry someday, but she is a young Mennonite woman while he is an Amish man. Though both Plain, one of them will have to forsake what they believe to embrace another way of life.

Hoping some distance will cool the relationship, Ezra's family sends him to work at an Amish dairy farm in Indiana. But Ella disregards what her family wants and follows Ezra. In short order she finds a place to live, a job in a bakery, and an unexpected but budding friendship with a handsome Amish farmhand, Luke. When a family tragedy forces Ella back to Pennsylvania, she must face all she's been running away from. And once she has made peace with those around her, she has an important decision to make: Whose Amish bride will she become--Ezra's or Luke's?

My Review:

Enthralling. I already knew Ella since this is the third in the Women of Lancaster series so I was thrilled to read a whole book dedicated to her. However, this one reads well as a standalone too. There are some connections you won't get right away, but it won't ruin the story for you. 

The Amish Bride is one of the best character growth arc novels I've read. The authors do a wonderful and believable job of taking Ella from a somewhat self-absorbed, stubborn seventeen year old to a young woman of maturity and faith. Just loved reading her journey. And I was on her side right from the very beginning -- even when she was at her most teenage angstish! 

The inspirational thread really touched me. In fact, it helped an old hurt in my life heal. Perhaps that's why I felt such a connection with Ella's story -- why I rallied with her no matter what she said or did. I got the girl. And living parts of her life were like living parts of mine. God bless the authors for bringing me resolution even as they gave it to Ella.

There's a hint of mystery from generations past -- a plot twist these authors excel at. Loved the added depth it gave the story. The Amish Bride is very much a multi-generational tale as well. There's a rich legacy of family within the pages of this book. A family that isn't always perfect and doesn't have all the answers but draws together despite their differences when times are tough. An all round uplifting and inspiring story.

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  1. Great review! :) I love when a book does that for the reader - your reactions kind of remind me of mine after reading The Search by Suzanne Woods Fisher. I totally loved Suzanne's characterization and how that book ended. :)

    I'd appreciate a chance to win this book! Thank you! :)



  2. I would like to be entered to win The Amish Bride. I enjoy reading Amish Fiction, and I am certain that I will enjoy this book, too.


    Tammi in Maine

  3. This book sounds great and I would give it to my 80 year old aunt who loves Amish fiction. Have a great week!

    dianemestrella at gmail dot com

  4. would love to read this story...thanks for the chance ;)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  5. Hey Amber -- I loved The Search as well. It's wonderful when a book really resonates with us, isn't it? Good luck!

    Tammi -- I'm sure you'd enjoy The Amish Bride since you're an Amish fiction lover. Good luck!

    Diane -- very thoughtful of you to be willing to give this treasure to your aunt. You could always borrow it from her to read later though. :-) Good luck!

    Your welcome, Karen. Good luck!

  6. I would love to read The Amish Bride. Thank you for hosting the give-a-way.

  7. There is nothing like a good Amish story! We have an Amish community not too far from us, I want to go visit soon! Please enter me.

  8. Lucky you, Jody! I'd love to visit an Amish community. Good luck!

  9. Wow! This book really makes me want to read it. One of my grandfather from a long line of Mennonite families and I used to live in Indiana. I visited Amish Acres there and enjoyed a wondered family style dinner. I really want to learn more about the differences between the Amish and the Mennonites.


  10. what a Great recommendation! love the personal impact for you Kav =) which makes it all the more appealing ... thx for the gvwys! faithhopecherrytea at*gmail.*com

  11. I love the idea of a plot twist! Amish books are my favorite and I look forward to this book!

  12. Carol -- one of my travel goals is to visit Amish country. And it's very interesting how the two faiths differ even amidst their similarities.

    FaithHopeCherrytea -- I love it when a book impacts me that way. Reading The Amish Bride was such a huge blessing for me.

    Rubynreba -- so glad you love Amish books too.

    Good luck everyone.

  13. I love Mindy Starns Clark's books - would love to win this book. Thanks!

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  14. I love Mindy's books, so I know this will be terrific. The Amish Bride sounds very engaging, I'd love to be entered.
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  15. Please enter me in this give-away. I've been wanting this book for some time.
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  16. Good luck Maxie, Merry and Melanie!

  17. I love Amish stories and Mindy's books, thank you for hosting this giveaway.


  18. I loved the first book in this series. Still haven't gotten around to the second one though, it's on my shelves. Would love to read this one too.