Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deadly Ties


Her enemy will stop at nothing for control...she will risk everything for freedom.

A horrific crime shatters Lisa Harper's idyllic childhood. Her father is dead and her desperate mother, Annie, quickly marries Dutch Hauk, an abusive monster who soon reveals his hatred for Lisa. to protect her, Annie defies her ruthless husband and forfeits custody to a trusted friend. Enraged, Dutch vows to keep Annie and Lisa apart -- and he does. Years later, though keenly aware of Dutch's evil intent, Lisa and her mother seize a chance to be a family, safe in a home where love dwells. But they fail to fathom how far Dutch will go to keep his vow.

Determined to control his women, Dutch proves resourceful. His associates in crime are feared at the highest levels across the globe -- and for Lisa they plan a fate worse than death. Yet she too has formidable connections, including former Special Operations Officer Mark Taylor. Burdened by his own traumatic past, Mark has loved Lisa from afar. Now, for Lisa and her mother to survive, Mark must risk his life -- and even more difficult for him, he must trust God. All as one question haunts them: Can Mark and Lisa untangle these deadly ties before it is too late?

My review:

Gripping and gritty, this is definitely a book for romantic suspense lovers. While Hinze is careful not to go too far there are enough suggestive passages that a reader with a vivid  imagination might find parts of this book disturbing. I know it had me looking over my shoulder at night!

The second in the Crossroads Crisis Center series, you might want to read the first book, Forget Me Not before diving into Deadly Ties. It's not essential but I found myself floundering a bit in the beginning as I tried to keep everyone (and their circumstances) straight. Hinze has created wonderful characters though and it was worth getting to know them. I particularly loved the banter between Mark and his team and it looks like the rest of the series will highlight each one of them. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Lisa is one tough cookie and yet has managed to keep her faith and innocence in tact. She looks for the good in people and has chosen a profession where she can help them most.  This is at direct odds with everything she experiences in this taut thriller. Watching her struggle and adjust and lead Mark around by the nose made reading sublime.

Important Notice:  Deadly Ties is one of ACFW's July book club reads. If you can get your hands on a copy and get it read by July 20 you will be able to join the discussion. It's fun and free and easy to do.  Click here for more information:

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  1. Thanks for the review. I quickly added it to my wishlist and can't wait to read it soon. I've been looking for a gripping and suspenseful book.

  2. I loved this book and thought it was one of the best I have read this year too. :) I wrote a review of this book too. Come stop by and tell me what you think of my review. :)