Monday, November 7, 2011

Lilly's Wedding Quilt



Handsome, headstrong Jacob offers Lilly his hand in marriage, but his heart belongs to someone else.

While Lilly Lapp has loved Jacob for years, she wouldn't compete with Sarah King, the woman Jacob was determined to marry. But when Sarah marries another, Jacob spontaneously agrees to wed Lilly.

Lilly divides her time between teaching the local Amish children and caring for her widowed mother who suffers from depression. Lilly's faith comforts her, but her heart still longs to be the sole object of Jacob's affection.

As the days slip by, Lilly decides that hoping is too risky and vows to protect her heart. But God is subtly as work, and as winter turns to spring, their hearts awaken.

The furthest thing from Lilly's mind is her Amish wedding quilt, a traditional gift for new brides. And the person she'd least suspect is the one making it. Like stray pieces of fabric quilted into a new design, Jacob and Lilly's marriage begins to bind them together in ways neither expected

My Review:

I think Long fried my brain with her sizzling passages so I'm not quite sure I can make this review a coherent one. It was emotionally engaging from the very first page. We hurdle into Lilly and Jacob's story in a powerful way. Long doesn't ease us into their story, she catapults us into the middle of it! And from then on it's an emotional roller coaster ride with an incredible deep layer of faith to support it.

What will melt your heart (and a good number of your bones as well) is the interplay between Lilly and Jacob as they get to know each other. I have never read anything quite like it! Their growing desire goes deeper than mere physical need. They strive for an intimacy of both heart and mind surrounded by a solid faith structure and that's what increased the emotional rewards of this read for me. I'm near speechless over how good it was. In fact, I read the last bit twice! Let's just say that Jacob is a romantic with a capital R!!!!!!

Masterfully told, Long has captured every nuance of a developing relationship while peppering her story with wonderful comic relief along the way. I particularly adored the play-by-plays between Jacob and his brother, Seth! And I'm desperately hoping that she's sown the seeds for the next book which will hopefully be Seth's love story. He definitely deserves one!

So if you want your toes curled and your hair frizzed, don't hesitate to grab a hold of Lilly's Wedding Quilt anyway you can and one of those ways can be:

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  1. Thank you so much for the chance to win this. This looks like a great book. I would love to win this. Thanks again.


  2. Hi Kav, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I awarded you blog award and you can pick it up at my blog Great blog :) i love reading your reviews :)

  3. This book was one of my favorites of the year. Highly romantic! (not an entry)

  4. Hey Rebecca -- good luck. You'll enjoy it!

    Thanks Faye! That's sweet of you.

    And Joy -- oh my goodness highly romantic doesn't begin to explain it, does it?!!!!!

  5. thanks for the chance to read lilly's story :)

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  6. Lily's Wedding Quilt sounds like a great story. I'm not a big fan of many Amish stories but this sounds like something I will really enjoy.
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  7. 'welcome, Karen. Good luck!

    Ooooohhhh Merry - this book might just convert you to Amish stories!

  8. I enjoyed your review. It made me want to read this book. Sounds a bit different from most Amish stories.
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  9. Kelly Long is one of my FB friends and I've heard so many good things about her books, that I'm "longing" to read this one. Sorry.:) But I really am!


  10. This sounds so good and a book that I really want to read. Please enter me!


  11. Thanks Mildred -- it's definitely a bit different from other Amish stories and oooohhhhh sooooo goood!

    LOL, Diana -- too clever. I hope you're not left longing for too long. Good luck!

    Consider yourself entered, Jo.

  12. I don't usually read Amish fiction, but this book sounds good, and I'd love to read it! Thanks for this opportunity!


  13. Oh, Gwendolyn, you just might find a new genre to love! This one is spectacular. Good luck!

  14. Didn't think I could get into Amish fiction until I actually read one . . . now I love them!

  15. I do too, Anna and I couldn't begin to tell you why!

  16. I would love to read this book!! Thanks for the opportunity to go in the draw!