Sunday, November 13, 2011

November Giveaway - Week Two

Whhhheeeeeeeee, we have winners!!!!!

Lilly's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long
won by Gwendolyn Gage
Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh
won by Cheryl Barker

The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson
won by Jen
I'll contact y'all via email today but if you don't hear from me by Monday evening can you please email me your snail mail address to kavluvstoreadATyahooDOTca.  Thanks!!!!

Looking ahead to this week's giveaways:

Love on the Line by Deeanne Gist 
 Reading this one right now and it's peppered with so much humour I have a silly grin on my face all the time.

A Lancaster County Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher 
 Wonderful Amish story that really touched my heart and got me thinking.

And if my Love Inspired shipment comes early enough in the week, I'll be offering a Love Inspired title as well so cross your fingers for the efficiency of Canada Post.


  1. Congrats to the winners!! By the way I really love your blog and I wanted to let you know I awarded you the Liebster Blog award over on my blog.