Monday, April 23, 2012

Hometown Family



Since when is prodigal son Matt Sawyer a small-town farmer surrounded by kin? Since the terms of his late father's will demand he stay in Harland, North Carolina. Terms that attorney and hometown gal Caty McKenzie has to ensure are carried out. Matt left Harland years ago and never looked back. But running the farm and spending time with Caty brings out a caring, faithful side of Matt that he didn't know existed. And Matt's soon to discover the real challenge: convincing love-shy Caty to stay right there with him.

My Review:

What an amazing debut novel! Practically read it in one sitting it was that good.  Hometown Family was such a pleasure to read. The characters are engaging -- and I'm hoping that Matt's large family will provide the impetus to create more than a sequel or two. Ross has also created an incredible town full of neighbourly folks and I'm not ready to say goodbye to any of them -- especially Ruthy.

This book is pure romance and I love how Ross took the time to develop it. There's nothing artificial or forced about Matt and Caty's story. They are real people experiencing the real pitfalls of falling in love. And they are both facing their own inner battles as they come to grips with past relationships. Each story arc is moving in its own way but when they intersect it's pure magic! I just gobbled this one up and if you're a romance fan, I bet you will too!

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  1. Thank you for doing this review, it sounds like a pretty interesting book.


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  5. Sounds like a wonderful romance story! Love to read it.

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  13. I have a soft spot for prodigal stories, so Hometown Family sounds perfect... of course, a romance makes it even better! :)
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