Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Lesson


In her wildest dreams, spunky and impulsive nineteen-year-old Mary Kate Lapp never imagined herself behind a schoolteacher’s desk. A run-in (literally) with the schoolteacher compels her to act as a substitute teacher, just as her restless desire to see the world compels her to apply for a passport . . . just in case. The only thing of interest to M.K. in the sleepy Amish community of Stoney Ridge is the unexplained death of a sheep farmer that coincided with the arrival of a mysterious young man into the community. Frustrated that no one takes the crime seriously, she takes matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, as tends to be the case for M.K., she jumps headlong into trouble.

Centered on one of Suzanne Woods Fisher’s most loved characters, this is the story fans have eagerly anticipated. The precocious M.K. is all grown up (well, almost) and ready to take on the world–with surprising results. Fisher’s trademark plot twists and turns are as unexpected and satisfying as ever in this third book in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series.

My Review:

I've been anxiously awaiting this book for months because it stars one of my favourite characters ever! I adored young Mary Kate in the previous two books of the series and will admit to wondering if Fisher could deliver as delectable a character in M.K. the woman as she did with M.K. the girl. I mean Mary Kate was so larger then life, so funny and exasperating and maverick -- she stole every scene she was in in the previous books. How could all that translate into a young Amish woman's love story?

In a word -- Beautifully.

Mary Kate is still a lovable character with an opinion about absolutely everything. Snap judgements are still her speciality and they continue to get her into lots of hot water. So much hot water!!!! I thrilled over every word.

The Amish community is rich and vibrant -- and long suffering where Mary Kate is concerned and readers familiar with the Stoney Ridge Seasons will happily welcome other endearing characters -- like Fern. I just smile thinking of that salt-of-the-earth housekeeper turned middle-aged bride. But don't worry -- if you haven't read the series, you'll still enjoy the book. The Lesson reads well as a standalone, but it has a real kick if you've read the others.

So grab a book anyway you can and prepare yourself for a wild ride, Mary Kate style. Think whirlwind, whimsical, whirling dervish. You won't be able to catch your breath until you reach the end.

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  4. Fun, fabulous review! :) I've read the first 2 books in this series, as well as A Lancaster County Christmas, The Waiting, and The Search. I think The Search is my favorite so far, but I'd love a chance to read this one! :) Thank you!



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