Friday, July 19, 2013

Choose Justice : A Daily Lifestyle


Most of us are aware that we have a  role to play in making our world a more just and equitable place, but we’re not sure where to start. In Choose Justice, participants will discover that they are not alone on the journey to justice. God loves justice too and longs for His people to follow Him in bringing restoration to our world and to those who have been left on the margins of society. Choosing justice a daily basis—at the mall, at the table, in our celebrations—will change our lives, the lives of those around us and the lives of people we may never meet. With Christ, we can participate in building a better world through the many choices we make every day.

My Review:

Compelling and controversial, Campolo and Claiborne challenge Christians to rethink the way they live in the world...and in the church. This DVD is divided into six sections all about choices. Each 10 minute segment involves a passionate discussion between Campolo and Claiborne that definitely left me with lots to ponder. Choosing justice encompasses way more than I thought it did and, until viewing this DVD, I considered myself to be a very social justice conscious person!

Choose Justice : A Daily Lifestyle means exactly that -- choosing justice as a lifestyle, at the table, in our celebrations, at the mall, at the bank and in the community. It provides the viewer a chance to break free of worldly 'truths' and the accompanying discussion guide gives suggestions and encouragement on how to affect the changes necessary.

Filled with simple truths like " buy less, love more, laugh louder", Campolo and Caliborne make the daunting task of change seem doable. While definitely suited for independent study, I think this DVD would make the most impact in a group setting -- perfect for churches, small group studies and even high schools. It will definitely change your life...and bring you closer to God.

"DVD has been provided courtesy of World Vision and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
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