Wednesday, July 24, 2013

May the K9 Spy

Kav asked for my help with this review since I have more of a handle on all things canine. Arrrooooo! Besides I like to read with my human and I especially like it when she reads about four-footed heroes and heroines. Like:

May is the heroine of two books with a third set to come out sometime this year. Arrrrrrffffff (wagging tail madly) -- I can't wait! If you like fur-raising adventure you'll like May's story. Kav says she's a kind of canine James Bond with a bit of Maxwell Smart thrown in. I think that's a good thing. I just know I like how May's adventures keeps my tail wagging and my tongue lolling.

May's the perfect heroine. She's got spunk and heart and a sleek silvery coat and the cutest whiskers. Sigh. I was a goner on page one. She's got a unique Schnauzer voice that emotes well with my sheltie brogue. I think we'd be a match made in heaven...or Paris...except for the

Yeah. There`s one of those in the book. A Parisian feline. (lip curls up to expose recently cleaned pearly white canines.) Grrrrr. But I have to admit that Leonce wasn`t that bad...for a...well, you know!
But I still think a French poodle would have made a good secondary character instead.  That`s just my humble opinion though. Mickey the Mouser next door begs to differ. We got into a fight over it...but then we never got along anyway. As far as I`m concerned, dogs belong on one planet and cats belong on another and don`t get me started on voicing my opinion on squirrels.

That`s my highest rating, just so you know. I liked all the unexpected plot twists even if the action got my hackles up a time or too. Grrrrr. And there were some surprises I didn`t see coming. I love it when an author keeps me on my toes. That`s why May and KC Frantzen deserve my four paw salute.

You can find May`s books at -- and BONUS -- May Finds A way : Peril in Paris is free all this week so go download it NOW!


  1. Simba, great review! (Tell Kav I love the captioned photo!) I fell in love with May in her first book and just started reading her Paris adventure. Ooo-la-la!

  2. Oh SIMBA!!!

    Be still my beating heart...
    How handsome YOU are. Wawzah.
    AND a four paw rating? Is this a romance novel? BOL!
    (Maybe if you ask Miss Coralea, eh?)

    Thank you so much for your kind review. I'm so glad you enjoyed. You never know how things will turn out. I started off in an awful situation but the Creator had a plan I didn't know about. And now, who'd a thunk it? I'm a K9 Spy!

    Things just do seem to happen. Gracious. Dognapped? There I was at a K9 Spy boot camp training exercise when... Oh. Guess I shouldn't spoil the fun. BOL!

    Simba, just WAIT till you see what I get into in my 3rd adventure. Oh. Yeah. You have to, until this fall... Sorry... :)

    But your readers can fetch eBooks 1&2 right now on Amazon. Two pawmazing books for less than $3. That's a bargain for the most frugal reader!

    You and your Mom are soooo creative and artistic. PAWSOME graphics here. Mind if I share with my pack on Facebook?

    Trot on over - we DO have a good time!

    Well, I have a briefing this morning but will check in throughout the day. Happy to chat and answer questions - as long as it's not about classified stuff.

    One last thing, Léonce is a pretty cool cat. I mean, surviving in a cemetery, helping strangers... I think he'd get your 4 paw approval too. I'll introduce you guys sometime. You'd like him! Really!

    Thanks again to your Mom. Remember, you and anyone else can be entered into our giveaways for reviews on Amazon. Hardcopies of my books - pawographed of course! We also have biscuits from my FAVORITE baker, Joshua's Pet Treat Bakery. What a story THEY have... Plush toys of me (can you believe it?!) and Léonce too... Scavenger Hunt deTAILS. Even a character named after the winner in my next adventure! PAWSOME! Check it all out here:

    Remember, opportunity is on the way!!! Thanks again, love from May the K9 Spy

  3. Goooood morning, Miss Sherida.
    How kind of you to trot over! Thlbpt!

    Have a pawsome kind of day. But of course you would!!!

  4. Thanks Sherida. I'll pass your complement about the captioned photo to Kav. Of course she did have a handsome subject to work with so of course it turned out well. :-)

  5. Wow May, thank you for stopping by. This is more fun then chasing cats! I don't mind if you share our pawsome graphics. :-) Kav had fun with them after learning how from Miss Pam at Seekerville this week. But we don't have Facebooks accounts. :-( Kav keeps saying she'll look into but so far she hasn't and I'm all paws at that kind of thing!

  6. *blush*

    Hi Simba...
    Dear... ;)

    That's pawsome. Will do.
    You can see them in a bit on my page here -

    So far, FB has been good for me. There are SO many critter pages, it's unreal. And author/reader/book pages too.

    Others tweet and do Pinterest and stuff. But since I have no thumbs and Mom has to transcribe everything I tell her in between missions, there's just no more time in our day to do all that. Ya know? Plus play time of course!

    speaking of...

    1. Hmmm...Kav was told that animals couldn't have facebook pages. That they'd take them down. I find that grossly unfair. She'd make me a facebook page in a second if they allowed dogs. How did you get past the no critter rule? I wouldn't mind more opportunities to gaze upon your loveliness, May. I'm pawsitively a fan!

    2. As a spy, I can tell you there are serious disinformation campaigns out there.

      Stop by my page and nose around. Some K9's and felines have upwards of 5K, 10K, 50K followers. Really.

      So - mayyyy I be your first FURiend on Facebook? Let's GO!

    3. I have 1393 in my pack as of right now, so c'mon and join in the FUN!
      Check out my barkday pawty photo album too. We had a costume contest... and several FURiends brought pawmazing cakes.
      And one dear FURiend brought BACON ROSES! YUMMMO!

  7. OH - and Miss Pam's post was paw-ma-zing.
    can't wait to play there too!

    But we're on deadline for book 3 sooo - has to wait. That'll be our reward. Of course, Mom's will involve chocolate but I'll have JPTB chicken biscuits - my fave!

  8. Oh my... This is the cutest thing ever!! (Hope you don't mind me calling you cute, Simba - it's a compliment, really! *wink*) You and Kav put together an awesome post! Love those graphics, LOL!

    Appreciate your honest opinion, Simba, and so glad you liked the May Finds a Way. :) But I'm afraid we're going to have to agree to disagree about C-A-Ts...sorry!

    Thank you (and Kav!) for being a part of the blog tour with such a fun post!


  9. P.S. Mind if I share one of your graphics on Pinterest? :)


  10. Hi Amber! Grrrr to the c a t comment, but to each, I guess. Glad you like our graphics. Kav had waaaaayyyy too much fun with them. She'd be tickled pink if you shared them on Pinterest. Arf (that's sheltie for ta-ta!)

  11. I had a blast today with you and your FURiends. Thank you sooooo much for hosting us, Simba (dear).

    It was FUN!

    Be sure to visit my FB page and get your own. I will definitely be among the first to FURiend you!

    and thanks to your sweet Mom too, 'kay?
    AND, Miss Amber. We are so appreciative!

    Remember everypawdy, my 5* rated eBook is FREE through Saturday. The more downloads, the better our ranking on Amazon so please enjoy our gift to you! (If you've not read my first book you can get two terrific books for less than $3. Such a deal. :) )

    Bye for now,

    Love from May

  12. Simba, what a terrific post. woof woof. And I agree, May is terrific. This latest book sounds great. Thanks for sharing your review.