Thursday, July 17, 2014

His Montana Sweetheart



Catching His Heart

Olivia Franklin suspected coming home to Jasper Gulch would mean eventually running into her first love, Jack McGuire. But she's adamant that she not repeat the mistakes that led to her broken heart. Yet from the moment she lays eyes on her former sweetheart, her resistance begins to crumble. The tall, handsome rancher made his choice all those years ago. He'd gone from the baseball diamond to a high-rise office and finally back home to the Double M—all without her. And no amount of centennial nostalgia can change the past. But the future is another story, and the pretty historian is about to get a lesson in romance from the lonesome cowboy she will never forget!

Big Sky Centennial: A small town rich in history…and love.

My Review:

Cowboys, baseball, a couple of cute kids and even cuter critters -- can it get any more all-American than this? I think not! Herne's distinctive style captures the warmth and chaos of small town life with sublime perfection. This writer succeeds in grabbing my emotion on a gut level and pulls me through the wringer a few times before the happily ever after is handed out at the end. Love that kind of roller coaster read.

Herne explores the crippling consequences lack of trust can have on a relationship...and a life. Jack and Olivia's present is complicated by a past that hasn't been forgotten. It's a journey doomed to failure but the author has no intention of leaving them floundering. She knits old wounds together with threads of hope making this a wonderful inspirational read.

I love a good second chance story and this one is excellent.


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