Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A House Full of Hope



Before becoming a Christian, Mark Ryker ran with a bad crowd and broke hearts. Including his father's. Now a successful businessman, Mark has come home to Corinthia, Georgia, to make amends. But no one will forgive him. So when the widowed mother of four renting his dad's run-down house needs help fixing up the place, Mark gets to work. Pretty Hannah Hughes and her sweet kids have him longing to be part of the clan, but Hannah isn't ready to let go of the past. Still, they are working together on a house full of hope—and that's all Mark needs.

My Review:

Tippens knows how to pull at the heartstrings of her readers! I was engaged from the very first page...and enraged! I love it when authors play around with my emotions and Tippens definitely did that when she chose this difficult subject matter. There is so much conflict and so many injustices that my stomach gets into knots just thinking about it. And that's the key to a really good story -- one that leaves you thinking about it days after you've read it. 

There's an important inspirational messages in A House Full of Hope. Tippens manages to make a significant statement without coming across as preachy. She really sent me into a deep reflection on what the words redeem and forgive mean and how I can apply them in my life and, more importantly, in the lives of others. This would be a great choice for a church book club -- there is so much fodder for discussion!

And bonus -- that message comes wrapped up in an inspiring romantic story with engaging (and infuriating) characters you won't soon forget. This is definitely Tippens at her best -- and you can't get any better than that!

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  1. Kav, glad to see you took me up on my suggestion. :) I've never been disappointed with one of Missy's books.

  2. I haven't read all of Missy's books -- only the 3 most recent ones so I guess I have some catching up to do! And it was definitely a good suggestion, Sandra!

  3. I dont believe I have read any of her books. Looks like a good one!

  4. I have not read any of her books either. Sounds good.

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  5. I enjoy Missy's books and this one sounds lovely, add me please!
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  6. Kav, thank you for reviewing A House Full of Hope! I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad I infuriated you. LOL Or I guess I should just blame my characters.


    I'm glad you enjoyed the story. It was my favorite to write (so far anyway!) :)

    Sandra, thanks for recommending it!

  7. This sounds like a fun book! I'd love to win a copy-
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  8. I'd love to be entered. Sounds like just the kind of book I would enjoy. Thanks!

  9. I'd love to be entered for Missy's book; have really enjoyed all of hers that I have read so far. Thanks!!! (a GA lady)

  10. LOL -- you can infuriate me any time, Missy, as long as you promise me a happily ever after.

    Good luck everyone!

  11. Would dearly love to win a copy of this book. Thanks for introducing me to yet another new author.

    Please enter my name in the draw....

    Many thanks.

  12. Your welcome, Shaz. Good luck!

  13. Please enter me! I'm sure (somewhat) that I'll enjoy this book:-) Thanks for the chance!