Monday, February 6, 2012

When the Smoke Clears


After a brush with death due to equipment failure, smokejumper Alexia Allen is ordered to take time off while the incident is under investigation. She makes a last-minute decision to recuperate at her mother's home and attend her high school reunion. Yet trouble seems to be following her, and within hours of arriving home she is confronted with murder, arson -- and a handsome detective.

But the conflicts ahead are nothing compared to the ghosts of her past. As she struggles to accept and forgive her family's past, she must also decide if the secret she's been guarding for the last ten years must finally come to light.

Chock-full of the suspense and romantic tension you've come to expect from Lynette Eason, When the Smoke Clears is the explosive first book in the Deadly Reunions series.

My Review:

Be prepared for a touch of vertigo as you rush to the end of this masterfully written suspense. My head is still spinning! And so is my mind -- busy assimilating the threads Eason pulled tight while mulling over the ones left dangling because this book doesn't end wrapped  up in tidy little package. There is enough closure to satisfy Eason's avid readers, but enough left open-ended to leave those same readers chomping at the bit for more! No word on when the second book in the Deadly Reunions series will be out but it can't be soon enough for me!

Now, we all know that I am easily distracted by a good book. There isn't much that can stop my compulsive reading but I outdid myself this time! I neglected everything, including my poor, long-suffering dog, in order to race through When the Smoke Clears. All my valiant efforts to tear myself away to do something productive were thwarted by a fast-paced plot that didn't stop. With suspense, action, terror, an unraveling mystery, complicated relationships, difficult pasts and a developing romance there just wasn't an easy break to put the book aside...even when I reached the end!

One of the marvelous strengths of this book and Eason's writing in general, is in the incredible depth of characters and relationships. That kind of writing brings a richness to the overall plot and makes for an extremely satisfying read.  If you love romantic suspense this is one you definitely don't want to miss!

Giveaway opportunity:

If you would like a chance to win a copy of this fantastic book please leave a comment below or email me at kavluvstoreadATyahooDOTca. Please make sure to put the title in your subject line so it's easy for me to spot. Draw will be held and reader announced on Sunday February 12. Offer open to international readers. Good luck!

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  1. I've already got this book in my TBR pile. It just went up to the top. :) Great review!

  2. Great Review. I will be reading this book towards the end of the week. BTW, the second book, When the Heart Stops comes out in Oct 2012!

  3. Love to read this! Thanks!

  4. Please enter me! Sounds great. :)


  5. Sandra, I think you're going to love it!!!!

    Thanks for the heads up, Jen. October 2012 is now on my radar! Can't wait!!!!

    Good luck rubynreba and Charity U!!!!

  6. thanks for the chance to read this fabulous story :)

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  7. This sounds like a great book. I would love to read this. Thanks for the chance to win.


  8. Another great review. Looking forward to reading this. Please count me in.

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  9. Consider yourselves 'in' everyone. Good luck!

  10. Don't enter me in the contest as this is in my TBR pile. I am saving it for when I have surgery at the end of the month and will have a good amount of uninterrupted reading time!

    I love Lynette Eason's books!!

  11. I love Eason's books too, Tracy. Good luck with your surgery!

  12. I have read a series of Lynette's books before and love her writing. Please enter me in your drawing and thank you for the opportunity!

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  13. I am SO excited to read this book!
    It looks and sounds AMAZING!
    I would love to be entered.

  14. Oh, I have been waiting for this one, I love Lynette's books. Your reviews always make a book come alive... I can see your poor dog waiting at the door with his leash as you get a few more pages in! Please add me. :)
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  15. Great review! Sounds like an awesome book as well. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you!

  16. This is one of those books I can't wait to get my hands on (although let's be honest, there are many of those!). I'd love to be entered--
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  17. I had to look up what a "smokejumper" was --but wow, it sounds like a job full of story potential. Thanks for the chance to win!


  18. This sounds great and I really do want to read it. Please add me!


  19. Love your review Kav. Sounds like this would be a great read. Isn't it great when you are so enthralled in a book to the exclusion of everything else. Would love the chance to be able to read this book as this is a new author to me.

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  20. I know, I know -- you just can't go wrong with an Eason book. Heres wishing you the best in the draw!