Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Scent of Cherry Blossoms



Annie Martin loves the Plain ways of her Old Order Mennonite people, like those revered by her beloved grandfather. Retreating from a contentious relationship with her mother, Annie goes to live with her Daadi Moses in Apple Ridge. But as spring moves into Pennsylvania and Annie spends time amongst the cherry trees with the handsome Aden Zook, she wishes she could forget how deeply the lines between the Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite are drawn.

Can Annie and Aden find a place for their love to bloom in the midst of the brewing storm?

My Review:

I battled a raging snowstorm to get to the Christian bookstore before work on Saturday and was greeted by this beautiful cover the second I walked into the store. What a breath of spring! I had to buy it -- especially since it's written by Cindy Woodsmall. Need I say more? And bonus! It's a sequel to her Christmas novella, The Christmas Singing and we even get to catch up with Mattie and Gideon! Hoping that Woodsmall continues with the series because she has two seasons left to cover!

Even though this is a novella, Woodsmall has managed to pack it full of angst, romance and beautiful prose.  She is such a gifted wordsmith! This is a Romeo/Juliet kind of love story with an Amish/Mennonite twist and I absolutely loved it. All the way through I kept fretting over how she could possibly turn this into a happily ever after. And I loved the fascinating details that explain the differences between the Amish and Old Order Mennonite faiths.

As usual, the author has created characters who have won my heart -- including Aden's twin brother, Roman, who has his own story to tell. Hopefully that will be covered in the next novella. This beautiful little hard-cover book is definitely destined for my keeper shelf. How about yours?

Giveaway Opportunity:

If you would like a chance to win a copy of The Scent of Cherry Blossoms, please leave a comment below or email me at kavluvstoreadATyahooDOTca. Make sure to put the title in the subject line so that I can spot your entry easily. Draw will be held and winner announced on Sunday March 4, 2012. Offer open to international readers. Good luck!


  1. Sign me up. The cover is gorgeous and I always like Romeo and Juliet stories with a happily ever after twist. Thanks for the giveaway.

    sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

  2. Beautiful cover! I'd really love to read this. Thanks!

  3. I admire your devotion to books to make the trip to the bookstore even in a snowstorm! We didn't get Saturday's storm, but it's pretty nasty out there today, so images of spring are most welcome :) And living in the tender fruit belt, as I do, Cindy's title stirs all sorts of tranquil feelings.

  4. thanks for the chance to read this wonderful novel :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  5. I'm ready for cherry blossoms! Love the author's books and the cover on this one.

    Linda at:

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  6. This is another book that has been on my wishlist ever since I first saw the cover! I have read all of Cindy's books, and would love to win this one! She came to our town for a book signing Sunday, and I was going to buy this and have my pic taken with her, and I missed it, b/c hubby and I had a bad case of the stomach flu. :( Not good timing. Very sad face here. Thanks, Kav!

  7. I have been hearing great comments about this book and have it added to my wishlist. I can just imagine how uplifting it was to spy this cover in the store after you have just battled a snow storm to get there.

    I would love the chance to win this book. Can you please enter my name in the draw...

    zabook at tpg dot com dot au

    Many thanks.

  8. Looks like a lovely spring read.


  9. Oh Diana -- I'm so sorry you missed the book signing! I swear that someday I'm going to do a tour of the states based on where my favourite authors are making appearances! Very nice of you not to share your flu with Cindy Woodsmall though. I'm sure she appreciated that!

    Good luck everyone!!!!!

  10. I typed out a comment for this a day or two ago. Guess I did not hit publish! Please add me to the list, I love Amish love stories!

  11. The cover is making me long for spring!!! I'd love to be entered :)

    cbus.blogger at gmail dot com

  12. I love Amish stories too, Jody. Can you tell?!

    I know -- the cover is gorgeous and so uplifting since I'm in the middle of yet another blizzard! Grr. Good luck Bethany!

  13. Beautiful, spring-dreamy cover! I'd love to be entered.
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  14. Consider yourself entered, Merry. Good luck!

  15. This was truly a great story! Would love to win a copy for a friend.

  16. I'll put your name in the hat, Aizess. Good luck!

  17. I love a book that keeps me wondering how it is ever all going to wrap up, AND have a happy ending. Thanks for entering me in the drawing.
    purensimplenatural at gmail dot com

  18. Kav, if you ever do come to the US, please let me know, because I would love for us to be able to meet, too! Perhaps at one of those book signings! They just don't have many in my area, and so I was doubly disappointed. :( Well, it's off to church I go. Have a blessed Sunday!