Monday, February 20, 2012

High Country Hearts



The last person she expected to see...

Her old college crush in Canyon Springs! When Olivia Diaz promised her parents she'd manage their mountain cabin resort for the summer, she thought she'd find some direction for her life. She didn't expect to be working side by side with Rob McGuire.

Rob's as handsome -- and as guarded -- as ever. Can free spirit Olivia gets him to open up about his life, his faith...his mysterious past? Because the more time they spend together the more Olivia realizes Rob could be Mr. Forever.

My Review:

This is the kind of book you are tempted to speed-read through, but resist that urge and savor every minute of it! Kaye has done an incredibly tantalizing job of creating an engaging plot and intriguing character development. There's a great slow reveal of the hero's back story that's accompanied by more than a couple of jaw-dropping moments. I love being surprised and I was gobsmacked at one part!

This is a well-paced romance. Rob and Olivia definitely hit some pitfalls in their developing relationship but those stumbling blocks are realistic and build to credible and extremely satisfying conclusion.

Rob's battle with his past makes him hardest on himself. He's worried about being knocked off the pedestal Olivia put him on back in their college days but, in reality it's Rob who has smashed that pedestal to smithereens. He continues to allow those shards to cut into his life, dragging him back into the past again and again. Caution is his middle name while Olivia's is impulsive. But she also has the  depth and maturity of  a woman anchored in Christ  in spite of the fun-loving, carefree persona she has created. This lush contrast between hero and heroine make this read all the richer.

High Country Hearts definitely belongs on every romance lovers TBR list! So, rush to the store right now or...

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  1. High Country Hearts sounds like a book I would enjoy!

  2. I think so too, rubynreba! Good luck!

  3. Great review Kav and sounds like a book that I would really enjoy reading. Can you please add my name to the draw.

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    Many thanks.

  4. I am loving all your reviews. Add me to the contest as well!

  5. Another great review by another author I have not read before. Please count me in. Thanks.

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  6. Hi Kav, just wanted to let you know I'm currently reading Montana Match which I just received - thank you!

    I really like that there's a reunion element in this story. A good back story will definitely add to character development and make them more interesting. Plus, cute cover :)

  7. I'd love to be entered! I find I enjoy most (if not all) the Love Inspired books I pick up :)

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  8. So glad you got the Montana Match, Na! And you're right, Bethany -- the Love Inspired Line works hard at making their books something readers can depend. Kudos to them!

    Good luck everyone!

  9. I love the cover! Please include me for High Country Hearts.
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  10. I know, Merry -- wouldn't it be lovely to be tucked away in that cabin with a pile of good books and a warm cozy cabin? And a dog, of course.

  11. Please enter me! Thanks for the chance to win!