Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dangerous to Know


"Don't look at him, dear. He's dangerous."

Isabella Bankmill seeks a husband whose character matches her list of requirements. The man must share her faith, but he must also possess a certain je ne sais quoi. The enigmatical Lord Gregory Gordon Bromby -- London's newest literary sensation -- certainly possesses the latter. Despite a deformed foot and alarming views on politics and religiion, he attracts the ladies in droves.

Haunted by his past and overwhelmed by his newfound celebrity status, Lord Bromby's obsession with his own doom leads to reckless behavior. When he is stalked by an obsessive aristocrat seeking an elopement, Bromby's friends urge him to marry a suitable lady as soon as possible. Intrigued by Isabella's convictions, and hoping to avoid further scandal, Bromby proposes to Isabella.

Isabella also receives an offer of marriage from kind-hearted philanthropist, David Beringer -- a man equally devoted to his faith -- but she only has eyes for Lord Bromby. Blinded by his talent and good looks, Isabella convinces herself that he's not as dangerous as everyone claims. But when Bromby's world violently collides with hers, Isabella must decide once and for all who is lord of her life, God or Bromby?

My Review:

Megan Whitson Lee has crafted a dark and tormented story of love, loss, and in some ways, redemption.

"You ought not to have married me." isn't what a bride expects to hear from her groom just hours after the wedding and yet Lord Gregory Gordon Bromby's declaration proves to be an ominous foreshadowing of things to come. Loosely based on the tortured poet, Lord Byron, and his disastrous marriage to Annabelle Milbanke, this isn't a lighthearted Regency romance by any means. Heavy on gloom and despair, my happily-ever-after-lovin' heart fractured into a million pieces at the conclusion of this read.

Isabella, like all young ladies of the time, is eagerly in search of a husband. She even has a list of qualities she's looking for in a beau -- sharing her faith is right there at the top. Literary sensation Lord Gregory Gordon Bromby is everything not on her list...and yet Isabella is enthralled. This is a sobering look at what happens when we place our worldly desires above the teachings of our faith. For some unfathomable reason, Isabella is infatuated with the wrong man, even though there's a perfectly lovely and infinitely more suitable man eager to pursue her. Honestly, her story gutted me. It was agonizing to follow such a tragic path. She's in for a world of hurt, though her experiences do draw her closer to God. And isn't that the way of all frail humans? It isn't until we need Him most that we truly begin to know Him.

I'm definitely not the target audience for this novel -- fans of dramatic tragedies such as Wuthering Heights will find Dangerous to Know right up their alley.

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