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In this close-knit Amish family, nothing is as perfect as it seems . . .

When Viola Keim starts working at a nearby Mennonite retirement home, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with resident Atle, whose only living relative, son Edward, is living as a missionary in Nicaragua. Viola understands the importance of mission work, but she can't imagine leaving her father in the hands of strangers. Even though her family is New Order Amish, it's not the Amish way, and though she doesn't know Ed, she judges him for abandoning his father.

But when Ed surprises his father with a visit, Viola and Ed both discover an attraction they never expected. Despite her feelings, choosing Ed would mean moving to a far-off country and leaving her family behind. She can't do that. Her twin sister, Elsie, is going blind and will need someone to care for her all her life. Her family is reeling with the recent discovery that her grandmother hid her past as an Englischer. Her father seems forgetful and distracted—and to be harboring some secrets of his own.

Does Viola dare leave them all behind and forge her own life? Or will family ties mean her one chance at love slips away?

My Review:

A multi-generational story that revolves around the complexities of family life. There are so many layers in this book I don't know where to start. Gray does a wonderful job of weaving diverse stories around a common thread.

While Viola and Ed take center stage in Daybreak, the reader is invited into the lives of other members of the Kiem family as well. They aren't your stereotypical Amish family and Gray provides a realistic, sometime gritty view of dysfunction and how it affects generations.

The first in a series, I'm anxious to continue the Kiem's family saga in future books. Gray excels at creating a satisfying standalone story in the midst of a series with common threads. While my reader's heart is immensely satisfied by the conclusion, my interest is piqued over some unanswered questions. Gray always leaves me wanting more.

Giveaway Opportunity:

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  1. I'd like to read a book by this author, and this sounds like a good one to try. Throw my name in the hat, please! :)

    ckbarker at gmail dot com

  2. It's the perfect one to try, Cheryl, because it's the first in a new series. She's a fantastic author. Good luck!

  3. I love Amish fiction, especially books that center on the family. I haven't had the chance to read anything by this author.


  4. Oh Carol, you'll love her if you love Amish fiction. She really does family dynamics and relationships well. And enticing plots. Good luck!

  5. YES!!! I've been wanting to read this book ever since I finished Found and read the excerpt in the back!!! :)


  6. Yay -- another Shelley Shepard Gray fan! Wasn't that last series amazing, Amada?! Good luck!

    1. Yes it was! I was in horrible anxiety to see you killed Perry! LOL! and I had to wait so long for the next book to come out! :) I really liked the way it ended even though it was kinda sad.

  7. I read all of Shelley Shepherd Gray's books when she first started writing, and then somehow got behind on them when I starting reviewing on a blog that does mostly Christian historical fiction. I need two heads for reading! :) Please help me reconnect with Shelley's novels; I miss them! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this one.


  8. Sounds like a lot will be going on in this novel! I look forward to reading it.


  9. i know Shelley is an amazing author, but i guess she fell off my raidar. Kav, i would love to win this book, based on your review alone! You rock, girl. Thanks for the chance to win.


  10. Amish books are my favorite. I'd love to start a new series!

  11. Diana, I didn't realize how many books this author has written! I have a lot of backtracking to do!!! I'll enjoy it though. Good luck!

    Patty -- there's definitely a lot going with the Kiem family. You won't be bored, that's for sure. Good luck!

    Marianne, happy to be pointing you in the right direction! LOL. Good luck!

    I love the genre too, rubynreba. I was hankering for a good Amish read and found it in this one. Good luck!

  12. Daybreak sounds like a good book. I haven't read anything by Shelley Shepard Gray. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of her book.
    may_dayzee (at) yahoo (dot) com

  13. thanks for the chance to read this wonderful novel

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  14. I would love to win this book of Shelley's. It sounds like it will be interesting from so many angles. Please put my name in to win. It is also neat to get the first in a series. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  15. Thank you for the review. I was able to review a book for Shelley and I loved it. This is a new book to me though.

  16. This sounds really good; I haven't read any of hers yet! shopgirl152nykiki(at)yahoo(dot)com

  17. would love a chance to win this and read it!
    Thanks for the opportunity.