Monday, February 25, 2013

Sofia's Secret



Scandal surrounds Sofia Rogers, a woman in her early twenties, when it becomes obvious she is pregnant and unmarried. Yet nobody knows the real story. And Sofia isn’t about to share it; she would rather bear the shame than face the threat of consequences. When Eli Trent, the new doctor in town, gets involved, the trouble escalates in the form of thievery, arson, and death threats. Nevertheless, Eli is determined to break down the wall of silence behind which Sofia hides her deep, dark secret. He is out to convince her she is not alone and to make her realize that trusting him—and her heavenly Father is the only thing that makes sense.

My Review:

The third in The River of Hope series, Sofia's Secret easily reads as a standalone. MacLaren has created a memorable character in feisty (and stubborn) Sofie Rogers. A young woman faced with insurmountable challenges determined to overcome them all...on her own. Luckily for her Dr. Trent is equally as stubborn and just as determined that Sofia doesn't carry her burdens alone. .

Eli is the stuff classic heroes are made of. Astute, compassionate with a knight-in-shining-armor complex that made this reader's heart swoon more then once. Sofia, unfortunately is made of sterner stuff and she really put the poor doctor through his paces. That made for some frustrating, amusing and eventually tender scenes. MacLaren knows how to pace a romance, leaving her readers frantically turning pages for more.

A solid inspirational thread anchors the romance and uplifts the reader even as it stretches the concept of forgiveness. In all, Sofia's Secret is a definite must-read for the discerning bookworm.

Giveaway Opportunity:

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  1. We have Sharlene's books in the Church Library. I would love to win this one to add to our collection.
    Thanks for the opportunity to do so.
    Janet E.

  2. I'd love to read about the challenges she faces and how she overcomes them.

  3. I have read several of Sharlene's earlier series, but none in this series. Thanks for the chance to win.


  4. I'm SO excited to read this! Having finished Ellie's Haven in the last few weeks after finally caving and buying, actually buying, the book (I get almost all my books through giveaways or review copies)...I'm desperate for this one. :) So jealous you got to read it! ;) Thanks for the giveaway...awesome as usual.


  5. Sofia's Secret sounds like a touching story, please add me for Sharlene's newest book. Thanks, Kav!
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  6. I would love to read this story and see what her secret is. I can't help but wonder if she was raped or worse, and that's why she cannot tell what happened to her.
    Thanks for the chance.


  7. This would be a new author for me - would love to read her book!


  8. This looks like a good book! A new author to me and I would love to try her books.
    Jasmine A.

  9. It's definitely a great read. Good luck everyone!

  10. I would like to read Sofia's Secret.

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  12. I read the first two and LOVED them!! I can't wait to read Sofia's secret!!

  13. thanks for the chance to read sofia's story

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  14. Please enter me for a chance to read Sofia's Secret. Sounds interesting. Thanks!
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  15. I can't get enough of Shar MacLaren's writing! She's practically a neighbor, and one of the sweetest people you'd ever want to know. I'd love an opportunity to sin a copy of Sofia's Secret! Thanks for featuring it today and offering this giveaway!

  16. Sofia's Secret sounds intriguing. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.
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  17. Nancee, how exciting that you have met her! I have a lot of catching up to do on Sharlene MacLaren's books. I've just read this series. Not surprised that she is as sweet as her books.

    Good luck everyone!

  18. Oh my! Your review has me hooked! It sounds wonderful!

  19. Glad I could hook you in, Teddy. Good luck!

  20. This sounds great! shopgirl152nykiki(at)yahoo(dot)com