Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweeter Than Birdsong



Music offers Kate sweet refuge from her troubles…but real freedom is sweeter.

In Westerville, Ohio, 1855, Kate Winter’s dreams are almost within reach. As the first woman to graduate from Otterbein College, she’ll be guaranteed her deepest wish: escape from the dark secret haunting her family. But with her mother determined to marry her off to a wealthy man, Kate must face reality. She has to run. Now. And she has the perfect plan. Join the upcoming musical performance--and use it to mask her flight.

Ben Hanby, Otterbein College’s musical genius, sees Kate Winter as an enigmatic creature, notable for her beauty, yet painfully shy. Then he hears her sing—and the glory of her voice moves him as never before. He determines to cast her in his musical and uncover the mystery that is Kate. Still, he must keep his own secret to himself. Not even this intriguing woman can know that his passionate faith is driving him to aid fugitives on the Underground Railroad.

A terrifying accident brings Kate and Ben together, but threatens to shatter both their secrets and their dreams. Kate can no longer deny the need to find her courage—and her voice—if she is to sing a new song for their future.

Sweeter than Birdsong is a stirring novel of hope and faith inspired by real historical people and events.

My Review:

Gobsmackingly good! LOL, how's that for an endorsement? One of the things I appreciated the most is Elliott's attention to historical detail. The whole book is seeped in history, but it doesn't bog the reader down. I especially enjoyed the references to the social niceties of the day. Useful bits of information like a lady making sure she stands four feet away from a gentleman for propriety's sake. It felt like I had been swept back in time! Love that feeling of complete escape!

Kate's struggle to overcome her shyness is heart-breaking and Ben's empathy is so endearing! Together, the two already make an enthralling read but then Elliott throws in a riveting plot riddled with action and angst and emotional turmoil! Oh, my poor reader's heart! Let's just say I wept at the end. Great, big, heaving sobs.

This is the kind of book that makes you feel and think and ponder long after you've finished the last page. The fact that it is based on real people and events makes it all the more compelling. Move this on to the top of your TBR pile!

Giveaway Opportunity:

If you would like a chance at winning your own copy of Sweet as Birdsong, please leave a comment below or email me at kavluvstoreadATyahooDOTca. Remember to put the title in your address line so your entry is easy to spot. Draw will be held and winner announced on Sunday February 5. Offer open to international readers. Good luck!


  1. Love historical reads! Sounds like the book pulls you into the time era.

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  2. I have the first book by this author, though I haven't read it yet. I have heard great things about this book and the cover is also stunning. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  6. My best friend has this book. I'd love to read it!!
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  9. LOL -- I took liberty with the word gobsmacked -- which is a UK colloquial expression for beyond astounding!!!!

    Good luck everyone. Oh - and though this is second in a series there is no need to read the first book. The first one is about Ben's parents and is set 30 years earlier.

  10. OkAy, Gobsmackingly good just grabbed my attention. Too fun! What a great endorsement! Now I've just got to enter to see if I can win! Thank you for the review and for the opportunity.

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  15. Historicals never fail to be popular! Good luck everyone!

  16. I really enjoyed "Fairer Than Morning," the first book in this series. I thought at first it might be a "sweetness and light" type book but I was wrong. Though there was a sweet love story, the book dealt with the tough issues of slavery and apprenticeships (which were basically like voluntary slavery). The book was excellent so I can hardly wait to read "Sweeter than Birdsong." It would be wonderful to win a copy. Thanks.

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  24. This sounds like a wonderful story. Please add me to the giveaway!

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  27. I like how music is a theme in this story. I just recently finished a historical book with this and really enjoyed it. I feel like this will be a great read as well.