Monday, January 30, 2012

Tomorrow's Sun



Faith reaches across the centuries.

Her fractures have mended, her cars faded, but Emily Foster can't move on until she makes restitution for a past mistake. Flipping houses seems like the path to her goal. Yet, instead of finding a door to the future, the 1840s house she plans to remodel opens windows to the past.

Contractor Jake Braden hates Emily's plan to modernize the old house, but the cost of fighting for guardianship of his late sister's twelve-year-old twins forces him to take the job anyway. When a hidden door and faded love letters connect the house with the Underground Railroad, he and Emily embark on a mission to uncover the fate of young lovers.

As Emily and Jake unravel the long-forgotten love story, words of faith in the face of fear inspire, convict, and draw them to each other...but will they be prepared when faced with their greatest test yet?

My Review:

Richly layered, Melby has mastered the art of the slow reveal. There is mystery and suspense in this contemporary novel, though I wouldn't categorize it as either. The suspense is in the characterization, the mystery is in the past and both are woven into an intricate pattern that will prompt a sit-down-and-read-in-one-sitting compulsion.

Emily is still recovering from a debilitating accident. Time and hard work slowly heal her body but her mind is an entirely different matter. For that emotional healing she needs God but she is hiding from Him. Her inner turmoil makes for a riveting read.

Jake was once an 'on-fire' Christian but time and life have faded his resolve. He's going through the motions but when he meets Emily all that changes. Their reluctant 'courtship' dance is immensely satisfying...and read!

Add in the rich historical detail (even though it's a contemporary) and this book makes a near-perfect read. The only way it could be better is if the author had made it longer!

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