Saturday, January 27, 2018

When the Bishop Needs an Alibi


A terrible secret hides in the bulrushes

Amish bishop Henry Lapp eagerly awaits the annual arrival of 20,000 sandhill cranes to the San Luis Valley of Colorado.  But his visit to the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge reveals more than just a miracle of God's creation. Hidden among the bulrushes and cattails is the deceased body of a young woman.

As the local authorities attempt to unravel they mystery, Henry feels God's calling to use his extraordinary talent to aid in the investigation. His ability to draw from memory in photographic detail could help the puzzling case.

Henry's closet friend, Emma Fisher, has always urged him to embrace his gift. As their relationship deepens, Henry realizes his involvement could put him and those he loves in the direct path of a killer, one who is willing to do anything to cover up a brutal crime, including framing the bishop.

When the Bishop Needs an Alibi is a compelling story of faith, friendship, and finding courage only God can provide.

My Review:

Okay, so this isn't technically a retro read since it was published in September 2017 but the next book is coming out in a month and a half so I needed to play catch-up. I love this series!!!!

There is something spectacularly delicious about an Amish Bishop Super Sleuth! And Henry's unique gift makes the mystery unraveling all the more intriguing. The kindly bishop wants nothing more than to shepherd his flock and pursue a certain widow who has caught his eye but his love for bird watching propels him into an all too familiar scenario -- one where he becomes the prime suspect in a murder. It's clearly a setup -- which also suggests that someone in law enforcement must be involved. Things don't look good for Henry, but his friends and community -- both Amish and Englisch rally around the beloved bishop.

A heartwarming cozy filled with humour, faith and intrigue.


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  1. Ok, seriously, what's NOT to love about Vanetta's books?? :-)

    I have this one on my Kindle, but as I've always said...there's nothing like the real deal in my hand! So yes, I'm in to win a paperback :-)

    teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. I know -- she's brilliant. And yes, print is better. lol Good luck, Trixi.

  2. Count me in on this one! I would love to get to know Henry.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  3. Bishop Henry is a character I really would love reading about. I love how you described him as a super sleuth Kav!
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. I have read one of Vannetta's books and fell in love with the way she pulls the reader into the story. I would love to read one of her mysteries.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

    1. She is a talented storyteller. Good luck, Lori.

  5. Looking forward to the next book.

  6. On my wish list. Thank you for the chance.

  7. Love it - an Amish Bishop Super Sleuth! If anyone can make it happen, Vanetta Chapman can! I saw this book when it came out and never had a chance to read it. Thanks for the chance.

    1. You'll love Henry! Good luck, rubynreba.

  8. I enjoy Vanetta’s books but have not read any of this series. I would love to win a copy of this book and get acquainted with Bishop Henry! He sounds like a lovable, interesting character! Thanks for the giveaway. 😊

  9. What can you say about Vannetta Chapman's books but WOW!

    Love her Amish books and have wanted to read " WHEN THE BISHOP NEEDS AN ALIBI" even before it came out. However, I've not gotten to read it yet, but would very much like to.

    Thank you for the wonderful review and the chance to finally own and read this book!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  10. I have wanted to read this series since I 1st seen it.
    Looks great 😃 Thank You
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  11. I've never read anything by this author, but hear a lot of good about her books. I'd like to win this one

  12. We have the first book in this series in the church library. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win Vannetta's book.
    Janet E.