Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Simple Winter



The promise of a home...The heartbreak of an impossible love.

As a budding journalist with a major newspaper, Remy McCallister is eager to prove herself. While investigating an unsolved crime, Remy winds up in the tightly woven Amish community of Lancaster County, the last place she would ever expect to find herself. The story leads her to Adam King and his ten younger siblings, who are trying to sustain their warm, loving home in the wake of the murder of their parents. Although Remy tries to remain professional, she is captivated by the Kings. With her own mother gone and her father disengaged from their relationship, Remy longs for a home and a family just like that of these good, simple people.

Suddenly patriarch of his large family, Adam struggles to do the right thing for his siblings, his community, and his God. He neither wants nor needs the complications that spirited Remy brings. But as much as he tries to push her away, even as he counts all the ways this lovely outsider cannot possibly remain in his world—or in his heart—the wondrous light she shines upon his troubled soul cannot be denied. Adam can only pray for the strength and the faith to get this Englisher girl out of their lives for good.

Snowbound with the Kings, Remy experiences the wonder and the chores of a simple winter among the Plain People, as well as the friendship of their warm community. When her peaceful interlude ends, does she dare to reveal a killer in their midst, knowing that she may lose the love of this special family and this remarkable man?

My Review:

This is the kind of book you just want to curl up with and read straight through from beginning to end. Unfortunately life got in the way and I had to do essential things like work and sleep, but the story so ensnared me that even when I wasn't reading, I found myself anticipating the next time I would be able to.

Remy captivated me right from the start, so clearly at a crossroads in her life -- questioning past hurts but not learning from them as she struggles to find her place in the world. She's looking for meaning and security and love -- a special place to belong.

Adam, on the other hand, has that belonging place and the love of a large family. He is secure in his community but conflicted in his heart. A chance meeting between the two at a crucial point in both their lives is the impetus that hurdles them both into a complicated dance of conflicting emotions. Such a tangled tale! So many twists and turns punctuated by blissful interludes that stole my breath away.

Lauer has spun a captivating tale and I look forward to reading more from her.

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