Monday, January 23, 2012

A Wounded Heart



A widow with two small children, Amelia Beiler is struggling to make ends meet. She is running her late husband's business, but it's not what she was raised to do, which is run a home. When she gets an offer for the business from Eli Fischer, she's only too relieved to consider it--especially when it looks like Eli's interest might include more than just the shop.

But when she begins to experience strange physical symptoms and is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it's difficult not to question God's will. If she pursues the treatment she believes in, she risks going under the bann. But how can she allow Eli to court her when she can't promise him a future?

My Review:

Doing a happy dance because I've found a new favourite author! This Amish novel has enough unexpected twists and intriguing plot details to keep a reader on her toes...and turning pages. I ran a whole gamut of emotions during my visit to Whinburg, Pennsylvania -- outrage being the most surprising one. Senft expertly drew me into the lives of her characters and I soon forgot that they weren't living, breathing people. Hence my outrage of which I can't say any more without posting spoilers.

This is the first of the Amish Quilt Trilogy -- Three women, three hurting hearts, one quilt that binds them all together. The connection between Amelia and her friends, Emma and Carrie, provides the framework for this book as well as the series and Senft gives us delicious hints at what might be in store for these friends in future novels. I'm already anticipating the June release of The Hidden Life.

Giveaway Opportunity:

If you would like to win a copy of A Wounded Heart, leave a comment below or email me at kavluvstoreadATyahooDOTca. Please remember to put the title in the subject line so it's easy to spot your entry. Draw will be held and winner announced on Sunday January 29 2012. Offer open to international readers. Good luck!


  1. This sounds like a great book. Thanks for introducing us to new authors.

    sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

  2. Your welcome, Amy. Good luck!

  3. Oh this looks like a great book. I would love to read this. Thanks for the chance to win.


  4. Great review that also has me keen to read this book. Adina is also a new author to me. I love a book that draws you in and relating to the characters and the different situations they encounter and has you eagerly awaiting the next next book in the series.

    Can you please enter my name in the draw....

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    Many thanks.

  5. You're entered everyone! And what I didn't say in my review is that this isn't your typical Amish story in a few different ways. Does that have you intrigued?!

  6. This sounds like a great book. One that I would really love to read. My husband also has M.S. so to a certain degree will really be able to realte.


  7. Sorry to hear that your husband has M.S., Jo. And that angle is very unique to the a lot of ways...can't say anything else. Good luck!

  8. Another interesting Amish story, your review makes it sound wonderful. Please add me, Kav.
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  9. I'm not a blogger, just an avid reader of Christian fiction and enjoy reading others book blogs. I really like Amish fiction, as well as many others.
    I live in an area where there are many Amish and friends with several. Believe it or not, they also read books about the Amish, and enjoy them. Thank you for the entry. I'm a new email subscriber to your blog newsletter.

    Have a blessed day!


  10. I love every Amish book out there, Kav, and this one sounds wunderbaar! Hope I spelled that right! Thank you for the opportunity to win this!


  11. Consider yourself added, Merry.

    Welcome Sandee61 - I love meeting fellow Amish book lovers. I wonder what the Amish think of our 'Englisch' view of them portrayed in these novels? Do they get a kick out of the popularity of this genre I wonder? Anyhow -- good luck!

    Diana -- you're like me, I don't think there's an Amish book out there that I didn't enjoy. People think it's a narrow genre, but there's so much variety that no two stories are the same. What a gift we have in great inspirational writers. Good luck!

  12. Amish fiction is my favorite of all genres and your book sounds awesome, please add me to your contest.
    Blessings to all


  13. I enjoy Amish fiction and enjoyed your review. I haven't read any books by this author and hope to do so soon.

  14. This does sound intriguing and not the typical Amish book. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.


  15. So glad to see so many Amish fiction lovers gathered 'round!

  16. I've come to love Amish novels and this looks like a great one to get to know ADINA SENFT's style of writing. I'd like to do my own 'happy dance' when it is confirmed I've also found another favorite author.
    Reading what was written about the book reminds me of another Romans 8:28 moment. I just LOVE those!
    Thanks for entering me in your drawing.

  17. This book looks good!

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