Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mission to Protect


Enter the world of the Military K-9 Unit
A riveting new series begins!

When the Red Rose Killer leaves his calling card for Staff Sergeant Felicity Monroe, she knows exactly what that means -- she's on his revenge list. Her boss, Master Sergeant Westley James and K-9 German shepherd Dakota become her guardians, but they'll have to act fast to escape the man who wants her dead.

My Review:

Woohoo! I'm super excited about this new Love Inspired Suspense continuity series! Six great authors working their suspense magic on one over-arcing plot while delivering an edge-of-your-seat suspense unique to each book. And the best part is there's a book every month so we don't have long to wait between reads.

Terri Reed sets it all up beautifully in Mission to Protect with murder and mayhem from the very first page. Nothing like an escaped serial killer on a rampage to get a reader's blood pressure up. But there's something else sinister going on here too. Something creepy stalkerish and Felicity is caught in the cross-hairs.

That doesn't sit well with Westley and not just because he feels responsible for Felicity because she's under his command. That right there is the problem due to the Air Force's non-fraternization policy. Both their careers will be in jeopardy if Westley can't get a hold of some confusing emotions. So he is gnarly and terse and overly stoic in all his interactions with Felicity. Which should settle the matter except... "He didn't understand it. Not liking her should have been easy. She was annoyingly optimistic and bubbly." (p 30) Bwhahaha! I just adore a hero confused by love.

An impossible romance paired with two hair-raising suspense threads make this a real page-turner of a read.


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  1. Yay, murder and mayhem!! Oh wait, I shouldn't be excited about that. ;) lattebooksAThotmailDOTcom

    1. Yes -- change that to FICTIONAL murder and mayhem and we're good. Good luck, Susan.

  2. Always enjoy a book were the protector is a dog. cheetahthecat1986ATgmailDOTcom

  3. I'm an old Army brat, worked with dogs for some years, love page turner books and love the Love Inspired Suspense books so there is nothing about this book that I don't love. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win a copy of "MISSION TO PROTECT".
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. This book seems to be tailor-made for you, Kay. Good luck.

  4. Love Terri Reed’s books. Thanks for the chance.
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    1. She's one of my go-to LIS authors. Good luck, Mindy.

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  6. I always enjoy these suspense series!

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  8. I have enjoyed her previous books, enter me please :)

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    They sound Great
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