Tuesday, May 9, 2017

(Re)union : the Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints and Sinners


The message of Jesus changed the world...until the world changed the message. Join bestselling author Bruxy Cavey in the pages of Reunion, a dynamic investigation of the most earth-shattering, piety-smashing, life-changing news ever. Dig into Scripture with Bruxy Cavey as he unfolds God's message for the world in one word, three words, and thirty words. Learn why you shouldn't follow the Bible (but why you'll want to read it to learn how to follow Jesus.) Scout out the real definitions of sin and salvation, which might surprise you. Discover your true citizenship in the Jesus nation, where you might be ready to die for a cause but never willing to kill for one. Glimpse a God who is Love itself, and who, like it or not, just can't stop thinking about you.

If you've heard about Jesus so often that he makes you yawn, give him one more chance. If you think the gospel has soemthing to do with religious rules or rituals, think again. Whether you are a restless seeker, an ornery sinner, or a sanctimonious saint, get ready for a reunion: with your true self, with others, and with the God who longs to welcome you home.

Key Features:
  • Forewarded by Shane Claiborne
  • Rooted in the congregational life of The Meeting House, one of the largest and most innovative churches in Canada
  • Useful resource for small groups, new believers classes, and home churches
  • Paperback edition and stuyd guide to be released spring 2018
My Review:

I am totally intrigued by this book. Bruxy Cavey makes a case for following Jesus in what some might think is a radical way. He really has me thinking and assessing how I have been walking this faith journey. I love being challenged and this book definitely does that.

Am I a religious person? Or person of faith? Have to admit I've spent most of my life thinking they were one in the same but after reading (Re)union I'm beginning to see they are not.

Cavey has an easy-going writing style -- even humorous at times -- and reading this book felt like he was right there with me and we were having a one-on-one discussion. I even answered out loud a time or two! We're talking relationships -- with God, with each other, with the greater community and how Jesus is the key to making sense of it all. A tranaforming message that encourages readers to actively participate in their faith by simply following Jesus.

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  1. Different book here. It looks interesting Thanks for sharing it with us too. iamabho at gmail dot com

    1. It really has you thinking outside the box.

    2. That is a kind of religious book like this that I could read

  2. Interesting - the difference between being a religious person and a person of faith. Thanks for the review.

    1. He makes some really great points and he has a great writing voice. I'd love to hear him preach sometime.