Saturday, May 5, 2018

Light of Dawn


Before Dawn, what dangers lurk in the darkness?

For nine months, since a devastating solar flare caused a complete failure of the electrical grid, Shelby Sparks and her diabetic son, Carter, have been living at the ranch of Shelby's high school sweetheart, Max Barkman.

Mostly insulated from the chaos surrounding them, Shelby and Max discover that the Texas government has fled the capitol and is barely maintaining control of the state. The governor needs volunteers to search for the new federal government, but no one knows exactly where it might be located -- if it even still exists -- or what perils await those brave enough to take on the mission.

Compelled by Carter's desperate need for insulin and their God-given sense of duty, Shelby and Max answers the governor's call and set out on a treacherous 600 mile journey, where they will experience the terrifying effects of unrestrained anarchy. If they have the faith and fortitude necessary to reach their destination, what will they find when they get there?

In this thrilling conclusion to the Remnant trilogy, America is left teetering between total collapse and the dawn of a new and vastly different reality.

My Review:

published in July 2017 - and yes, that means we are far enough into 2018 that some of my wishlist 2017 books are officially retro reads! So many books, so little time!

This third book in the Remnant series is a thriller and a chiller! And definitely not a standalone read. We've collected too many characters and plot twists along the way to make it possible to jump in and start reading in this final installment. But if you have been following Max and Shelby's hair-raising adventures you will be excited to dive into Light of Dawn.  An apt title, by the way, as that is what Chapman offers us -- the glimmer of light in a darkly terrifying new world. And she has a scary-vivid imagination as she describes all the trauma and violence that is a given in this post-apocalyptic world.

Definitely a grim read in places but Chapman also weaves a message of faith and hope throughout. There's satisfying romantical conclusions to two long-time-in-the-making love stories. And Shelby's teen son Carter really comes into his own. We are reunited with characters left behind as everyone bands together to take one more impossible journey through a lawless land in search of the new federal government.

The bittersweet ending leaves readers with enough closure in the hope for a very different future for Max and Shelby and all they hold dear. This series has really challenged me ---- I think because it feels so plausible and has me thinking through scenarios and realizing how dependent our society is on technology. Lots of food for thought.


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  1. I've read and enjoyed the first two in the series and would love to read this one. Thanks for the giveaway, Kav!

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  4. Love her books and own almost all of them.

  5. I haven't read this series yet, but it's on my wishlist. Have heard a lot about it!

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